Sunday, January 30, 2011

hey ho! what a lovely weather's been raining since morning until now.i love it.i haven't switched on the aircond or fan the whole day!hehe..and alhamdulillah it was a good day to celebrate nadz's belated birthday! yeay! finally we made it,for we went for her belated birthday breakfast at Marmalade Cafe!

it was the same cafe we had her surprise birthday party last year =P LOL but unfortunately she couldn't make this time around, me,via and shoe made it for her! finally!! =) and of course with our little heartthrob.. fanfan! ♥

oppss..where's farah?hehe..ok lets not lost focus on our main agenda shall we!;P so fetched farah at a wee bit lost at mont kiara.found the place.and wallah!we're here!

we're at the marmalade cafe! =) we were the only people for breakfast! i bet everyone was still sleeping in for the weather was soooo coolingg and snuggly to be in bed ;) hehe..i had the usual (eceh,baru dua kali datang..dah jadi usual plak) =P

turkish ham is by far, the most yummiest ham wrap i ever had! and farah had this sunny side up down backwards forward i dunno what's the name.but there's salmon in it.hehe looks yummyyy!!

and we have via and her mama! hehehe..hello aunty!! =) via had the same turkish ham wrap like mine and aunty had seafood olio sumting.i tak sempat amek gamba! too excited to have a nice meal with the ladies!! =P

and the rest of the meal we had great fun with fanfan's keletah (what is keletah in english?:P) so cute when he actually tarik2 via's it a way of approaching woman fanfan?? hehehe..

and the usual picture of us at the cute wall of marmalade!! so cute right?the ferris wheel.and the whole background =)

and the rest of the day..was just us.with loads and loads of photos! (^___^)

i hope u had a great time farah =) it's just a simple celebration though.nothing fancy ;) happy belated birthday! ♥ and happy 2nd anniversary for your wedding day =)

ahaha..i super ♥ this picture!priceless! may Allah bless you and your family! much love xx

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Friday, January 28, 2011

i hope that, as a friend, i'm always there for you. for good times or bad times.i hope you will be the same way too.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

halo!!how's it going there?it's been ages since my last post.well actually i am suffering from a very very bad menstrual recently.i never experienced it before until recently,i was taking this so called hormone pills to get my menses back on track.(these pills were meant to get my menses back on track and to level up my estrogen. i have very very low estrogen.sobsob) but the drawback is that.when i stop taking the pills (it's actually on the rest phase for 7 days) i will be having a very very bad tummy ache like not sleeping well at night,constantly changing *toot*, and also loads and loads of b****ing!like super duper banyak we're talking here..

i was close to giving up,going to the emergency room just because i was confused with my body signs.i even went to the government hospitals to seek for help.but every time i went to the hospital, i was not even get the chance to meet the doctor to seek medical attention.i feel like strangling the nurse. "cik,cik kena ada appoinment baru boleh jumpa doctor" "cik,kalau darah banyak sangat pegi emergency room je cik.kami bukan sombong,tapi ini prosedur" PROCEDURE my ass!! if i die of loosing too much blood..i'll make sure my ghost will haunt you in your dreams!!

lucky me i got a best friend whom is a i called shila and ask her..if it's normal to be having these weird symptoms after having the hormone pills.and YES.the answer is YES. i am still normal.LOL.thanks shil!! i love u so much and thank you very much for your attention. i was really freaking out that i had been having badddd menses for 4 days!!! i can't even sit in a fatal position.the only answer to ease my pain was to eat ponstant! even the Panadol Menstrual (4 tablets) does not help!pfftt!!

alhamdulillah.i'm much better now.i do feel like dying.haha.i thought i was dying!damn! but now that i hollaaa!! i am still here. and insyaAllah, will be seeing u people soon.hopefully the whole menstrual thing will end this week.i need to meet my babe (nadz + bluebird) for their belated birthday meet ups =P i even applied for 2 days holidays for CNY and Hari Wilayah and end up with SEMBILAN HARI choti! weee!! hope to have a looongg good rest before getting back into gear 5 next week.loads and loads of UAT need to be done.huhu.oh least,i will have a good rest by then.hehe.ok peeps! have a nice day! much love xx

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

i'm just missing u so bad :'(

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

isn't this just the hottest baby u ever seen?? it's jaw dropper.drooler and heart stopper.damn! i wish i have one! uuuhhhhh ♥

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

waahhh time passes sooo fast wan..looking at watch.aik,already 12pm.check again, aik? already fartttt!! eh salah!(typo) so fastt!! and tomorrow is already thaipusam! weeeee!! ok not that i'm celebrating it (but my two neighbors beside my house are) but i am gonna have a longgg holidays!! weeee!! 4 hari je pun.he he..i am gonna be home and sleep!these past few days i just have trouble with sleeping.although at nights i should be sleeping in early..but i am alone.boring man! lucky got encik to come and have dinner with me ♥ but if he's not around, i will end up watching up the house.mop the floor.doing laundries.hang clothes.iron tomorrows baju kurung.bla bla bosan right? sometimes i will talk alone.seriously.kesian kan? T__T

but last night i watched PUSH.i love dakota fanning.since the movie SAM.and then Uptown kan? hehe..she's all grown up now!

she looked so different right? compared to dulu-dulu..she used to look so cute and smiling wide showing off her braces (used to) or her teeth.

but now..she is soooo gorgeous!! all grown up d!! haiyaa..

last time i check.i was much older than her..but if she's older now..then, i must be OLDEDEST!!? *slaps forehead*


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

hey ho~ sundays are justttt's the day when u will not want to do stuffs but to sit at home.snuggled in bed.waking up late and eat breakfast with family :)

but last sunday,well, despite the lists above.hehe.i did had breakfast with my laling family.and snuggled extra 10minutes before off for my sunday jog.and just sit at home.NOTTT..i did not sit at home,instead,i head off to a friend's friend's birthday.yep.that's what we called each other =B it's aishah's birthday! and she had this nice headpiece birthday party!=) she was a great baker i tell u! she baked everything and she can cook everything too! we had pizza.and (ape benda warna putih dalam mangkuk tu ajah?) with salad.and her yummy truffles! OMAGAD!! jaw dropped babe!memang scrumptious!!pastu siap ada pinata!! weeee!! tapi comel sangat! tonari no totoro atta yo!! chooooo kawaiiii!! sayang nak pukul.hehe!enjoy!

ini birthday girl, nama dia aishah.
ajjah and me! :)
pastu ni saya dengan makuro chang! kawaiii deshouuuu

it was great fun! sedap gila all the food.if we stayed longer.we will end up in biggest loser program.haha!thanks aishah for inviting us.i hope u had a great time :) cos we did! sekali sekala back to was ur weekends?best tak? mine today,pegi tengok dad's new it! =) and oh!i will be joining ajjah and dey's invitation.lets enter the 30days challenge.just for fun :) something nice for u to reminiscence :) will update soon!check out yah!

muchos luv xx

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

halo! morning! it's a very nice saturday morning.and the weather is sooo's good if it will be this nice all day long today :) my friend idrina a.k.a bluebird!! is getting engaged today! yeayyy!! will be heading off to her house soon.expected to be aroun 350 guests! ramainyaaaa.. *wiaww~~*

last weekends was pretty much fun and hectic too!on friday night mister and i had a nice dinner at the Seoul Garden for his birthday.sedapppp!! tapi perut dah tak muat! :P

and the next day we went off to watch The Tourist.adoiiihh that Johhny Depp guy was really funny,man! in a serious movie like that pun boleh jadi funny! =P it was a nice movie one! ;) and after the movie we went for LAYANG-LAYANG!!

besttttt tauu!! haha ok macam budak2.tapi last time i played the kite was eons!!! pastu dah besar2 ni main rasa cam "ok aku tak terrer! :P " all in all,we had a great time..heee..tengok2 dah kol 715pm.patutlah gelap =P

penat!!but fun! when was the last time u played a kite? ;) much love xx

p/s : wait till u see what i did the next day.another crazy fun day too!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

i had great fun last weekend! nanti saya update ye ;)

much love xx

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Friday, January 07, 2011

and overexposed polaroid

much love xx

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

hi peeps!!! woww HAPPY NEW YEARR!! i am sooo sorryy..i just lost track of time!2010 was like few days ago,right??new year is like soo cepat dah 5th day already!woww!! well, as much as the days gone by.i was pretty hooked up with birthday celebrations,weddings and engagement!! this saturday is another saturday is another engangement! wow!! everyone is catching up the pace (except for me..:P )

and year went well.i did not go anywhere.just at dad's birthday was on the we went for dinner and end up in bed by for me..i'm busy drafting up my new year's wrap and all the things that happened along 2010.i do miss 2010.i will definitely remember it as one of the memorable year.soooo many things happened and i would ♥ to keep it my heart.

as for now..lets move forward..keep our pace and move towards another blessful year.and insyaAllah..maybe a different and better me.and better you,of course! i hope u will have a good year this all those bad vibes..shoohh shooohh!! please go away.dust it of ur shoulder.blow ur fingernails and lets rock it! 2011!! BRING IT ON!!

much love xx

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