Thursday, December 09, 2010

i had been dreaming of having the fluffiest mash potato lately..had been craving since last year!uhhh..what is the first thing that popped into your head when it comes to fluffiest mash potato? i came across this..

sorry dah kena serang.ada orang tak sabar!:P

yes my friend.this mash like heaven in your mouth.the smooth and soft texture makes you melt at every inch of the taste.uuhhhh-ummphh!! so my mister and i decided to celebrate our 365 ♥ at Chillis.and we had the yummiest monterey chicken and old timer hamburger.damn!tolak tepi calories sekejap ye.sebab this is one in a year occassion. (hoping for many more insyaAllah =) )

his monterey chicken.yum2.and the fluffiest mash potato

my oldtimer hamburger superlove ♥



we had great time savouring our's soooooo yuummmmmyyyy to the max lah!hehe..and we went for a stroll at the curve and had gelato for desserts.yum2..

despite the tooth just *poof* disappeared =B and i asked him "hmmm what do i get?" and he just looked at me and said.. "what?? what??" while making his confused face.pfftt!! such a turn off! i was close to sulking when he sent me home.reaching home in silence.i was just humming to the radio and looking outside the car window. (sedih lah tu.tak dapat pape..pfftt!) and as i was leaving the car.without looking at him..he called me and said.."kejapp..lupaaa.." opening the car boot..he took out a HUGEEEE boxx!! with a card said : "Give me a hug.." :">

and guess what stuffed inside this box? :">

it was a super huge bear half my size! (despite i ni rendah kira besar lah kutt) tsk.sangat terharu.. T__T it was the fluffiest bear ever!! like so lembutt you wanna sleep in it! yes,IN IT! macam carpet yang korang suka bulu2 dia lembut macam kucing tuu..THAT ONE!! thanks sayang!♥ (ok terpaksa sappy sikit :P) tiba-tiba rasa macam taylor swift and taylor lautner in Valentine's Day.haha.(not the ending of them aa) heee :D it really made my day!!

p/s : i.(___).you!! xoxo and yes,at this age.i still got teddy bear(?) for presents.cute right?:)

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