Sunday, December 26, 2010

cepatnya masa's already 13months :* alhamdulillah..and it's already end of december?? ya Allah when december comes..everything seems to be moving sooo fast.and i'm always in the lazy mood.i can't jog today.i've accidentally stumbled on the toilet door.and bruised my left foot.but i had sprayed dad's muscle pain spray.and gladly the bruise had subsided..but i still can't tire my foot.i need it for the next God knows when =P

Alhamdulillah jugak..throughout the years.i had been coping up with my new job.dah setahun lebih jugak i had been a happy cow (gained 3 kilos!) working at the new place.LOL but i'm still at average weights though.but for a small size kid like me (ecehh kid konon!) i'm sumting like the Milo advert where all the sumo guys squeezing into the mini cooper.LOL.i am 'kecil tapi padat' hahaha..and throughout the years jugak, a dear friend had lost her dad :( but another came to the's a life cycle.alhamdulillah..farah and fiza had a baby! sorang girl sorang boy.and i am no longer an aunt to a nephew and niece.i am soon gonna be an aunt to NEPHEWSSS and dah ada baby,kemek dah ada baby,aishah dah ada baby, shahnaz dah ada baby, ayuni dah ada baby, aysha fahmy pun dah ada baby.everyone's having a baby too!! what a wonderful year.subhanAllah..

and sometime around this month last year i met encik =) and alhamdulillah everything's been great and hoping for many more years. (terlupa harini our 13th month until he texted me.snap!) and i am thankful for each and everyday given.blimey but most of my friends are as happy as i i'm not that easy to be in a steady relationship.haha! and alhamdulillah,this year i'm given the chance to revisit my second home soon!! insyaAllah..i'm going to Japan next year. but we'll see how the plans go. so far everything's booked.i just need some time to gather or korek money in my piggy bank so i could shop and revisit places i've i hafta start save my penny too! in 5 more days..i will be entering the year where my age will turn TWO.SEVEN. wow!! i sounded old.but so much of those years had passed.i still feel the same.just that people have new friends.i wish i could cope up with them though.

if i had forgotten you throughout the years.i am sorry friends.i must have been busy with sooo many things around friends.and new house too!but all in all..alhamdulillah..i am thankful for everything i have. and i hope that Allah will bless all of,what are your new year's resolutions?? did you achieve what you've aimed last year?? =) i will share you mine.but firstly,lets get me out of bed and hit the shower! my tummy is rumblinggg.. =P have a nice weekends peeps!! much love xx

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