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oh hello! :) woww..can you believe's new year's eve!and God knows how much I'm gonna miss it! i could say that 2010 is much better than previous years but at the same time there will always be tears.may it be joy or sadness.but believe it or not.another year has passed by.and what we should do is to reflect of what we had achieved throughout the year and what else is left to be achieved in the coming years :) well lets take our slowly stroll down the memory lane.ecewah!


is when i first dated it's also a when me and nuwen went to Bali!! woohooo!! just the two of us! and it was the best way to start our new year! you can read all my awesome backpacking in Bali here : bali is ♥, Bali is love day 4 ,and it's here! , and here! , and here!


well february is the month of berkasih sayang.but for me..i was superbly busyyyy like a bee!! and i barely have time to blog! but i did get the chance to embrace the month welcoming the new member of the familia! farah's baby shower.waiting for our first nephew among our babes (me,fiza,farah,lela,shila and azz) and it is also the month when i decided to move out! after 5months of going back-forth to putrajaya/ttdi.i decided to move into an apartment =P with housemates! it was interesting of course.and yes,easy peasy to ulang alik work.hehe


March is just another ordinary month when projects start to kick in.and workloads are piling.and at the same time when farah's baby wanna come out!! and Dr Alan, our dear tourist guide while we were kicking sands back in Bali is back! and it was our superduper excited time of the month to treat farah before her baby comes out! makan2 was the major event on the month of march and its about time when little irfan came out to meet the world and his lovely aunties : hello our little nephew!


on april,another close friend from primary school got hitched! and it's our Mr & Mrs Raaid and it's azzahraa's birthday too! but she was not back in Malaysia to celebrate it with us.but it's ok.she has her husband to bring her to Euro trip! so nicee..


is the month of second half of the busiest year!:P have sooo many business trip.and doing loads and loads of outstation.but the trip was worth it and the food was priceless!! free food!! and free air tickets!! so i've traveled to Borneo; Sabah for work and amazing seafood!! and Sarawak for some work and server migrating. and it's my first time to do, Parasailing!! and caving! (eh panggil caving ke?) something like climbing the caves and entered the caves ;P and we went for Perhentian BABY!!

June (it's my birthday!!)

well pretty much.i was the busiest person on my fact,I was in Terengganu during my birthday and i did not get the chance to even celebrate it with my family :( but mr.A decided to knock me off my feet :) he picked me up from the airport with a pleasant suprise.had great hangouts and birthday celebration with my babes too! and i was also called for Biro Tatanegara course for 5 days.oh sangat terseksa!at least,the worse is done! ;)


and so came the month of July..another trip to bandung bergoyeng goyeng! =B hehe!it was as always.superfun and da bestttt!! weehooooo!! shooppinggg timee!! u know how much i LURVEE ♥ ♥ cottons!! so i borong around 10pieces!! or more kut!haha gila memang rambang bambang mambang semua keluar!!but believe it or not? i did not blog about it AT ALL! haha! i must be superbusy huh? but i did get loads of presents when i was there though.hehe.talking about birthday all year round,ey =P and i also had my belated birthday celebrations with lovely friends.awee..thanks babes! and mister too!

and OMG!it's already august!!and things came rushing everything starts to speed up.workloads.and soon it's gonna be Ramadhan too!darling fizz gave birth to cute lovely baby girl Adranur shooooo cutee!! gerammm!! and a week before raya, i bought myself a cute and cuddly (haha!) corby :) and my baby vaio is one year old! weee!! and darling via opened up a new cafe called FATSPOON! with her darling cousin chelle! and they made the best hot chocolate!! yum22..isn't it the best month?? it's an adrenaline rush all at once!! soo fun fun fun news!!


datang pula september.and then u knew it,its a year working at JKSM.and alhamdulillah.i am thankful and blessed with every single penny i earned.i am much more happier and erm..i think i've gained 2.5 kilos by makan free after meetings.fuh!boleh jimat uwang!huahua!and september was when azzwaa's no longer miss Azzwaa..but Mrs. Syed and my azz! came back for short holiday!! so we go makan2 and buka puasa so much of Bulan Ramadhan.sangat tak bersederhana semasa makan ye kawan2 =p but it always,worth it =)


it's my reunion with Ajjah ♥ an old friend back in matrics in Kuala Pilah.hehe..and it's my first time falling in ♥ with macaroons!! and i finally played netball after aeeonnss!! tak main!hehe..and we even won as Champion *blow fingernails* and it was the unfortunate event for me to got my first conjuctivities sangat tak best tau!dahlah masa hari yang ada meeting penting! pfftt!!


sedar tak sedar..dah masuk bulan's the month when my dear friend cum housemate cum ex-officemate back in zaman kekejaman T**ta, punya wedding =) and it was UNIQLO's first opening shop in KL! woohoo!! nihon is here!! i ♥ uniqlo! wayyy back when i was in Japan.maybe i should go there tomorrow :P and november is our 1st anni :) alhamdulillah wishing for many more years ahead.aminnn..hehe..and it's also the month when we had super duper makan sedap setiap minggu sehingga berat badan mencanak naik another 2 kilos!! (this is seriously not normal) but at least i did notice the difference..(yeahhh righttt..)


and so the year has come to it ends.banyakkk sangat benda yang best tak best semua ada.tapi yang ingat,ada.yang tak ingat pun ada.but all in all.i did just fine.despite of having car accident for the second time well it was my hit and run.and i was not the victim :P and i attended LEFT BLOCK for the first time! and it was aweeesommmmeee!! and i also get to hold the ipad when it first launch! hahaha..but oh well,only for a day LOL.but was a thrilllll running through my fingers,bone and spine.(exaggerate :P ) and also a meet up with chunkie and sue! and farfar and fanfan tagged along to merry ho ho christmas it up =D and last but not least,we ended this year with two amazing events! an after 14 years of separation haha!something like a small get together.i do miss all of these gorgeous and happy people ♥ and of course,today is PAPA's birthday and along with bluebird's too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovelies! i love both of u,equally.hehe ..ok my dad lebih sikit,k ID =B

so yeah.that's it. a whole list of my 2010. alhamdulillah i am blessed with my lovely family.i love u mama although we currently in a frequent disagree phase.haha.i still look for her when i lost my stuffs =P papa,happy 60th birthday ur my strength in everything i do.i look upon u.and abg,kakak,ash..lets hope for a blessful year among us siblings and let our blood ties be strengthen with more love and bless from Allah.insyaAllah.and to my syg,Mohamad Rashid..i am bless to have u =) and to all my lovely know who you u always and thanks for being with me throughout the year!

2010 resolutions :

1) get a good job
2) travel to amazing place (uhuh! the best place is bali!!)
3) get a boyfriend *wink*wink*
4) go to canada (which is tak jadi lah.malas plak rasa.haha!)
5) go to australia perhaps
6) visit lela and azz in london (one fine day insyaAllah)
7) be good to good to myself
8) cherish everyday alhamdulillah
9) be thankful insyaAllah
10) buy an iPhone!!! (insyaAllah)

be safe people! have a good weekends! much love xx

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