Saturday, December 04, 2010

what i wore for LEFTBLOCK.

Top : Splash
Jeans : Guess Jeans
Bag : Etienne Aigner

today is LEFTBLOCK JUNK SALE @Fat Spoon Cafe.when a bit late..aroun 1230 but luckily not that many people came in i managed to get a chair and sip my hot chocolate with via and her mom

and then when the clock hits 1.30pm!everyone was swarming like bees at Fat Spoon!there's people everywhere.chelle ( via's cousin) had to stand on the chair just to save space.LOL.and the rest of the place was damn full!!i was even thinking of getting rid of the chairs and the tables =P (via,new sign of expending the shop.ehem2) so here's the pictures of the rest of the evening.enjoy =)

i had a great time at the junk sale.i bought two cute little precious from SevenDays.the owner,Roxy, was reallyyy nice =)

cute right,the ring?=) like a rose.and the bangle is like bamboo stick ;) i ♥ it!it was a great day today.i'm worn out!haha!need to get some sleep now,its been a while since i last jog on Sundays.let see if I could wake up early,shall we? how was your satuday? i hope it was great.have a nice weekend!much love xx

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