Thursday, December 30, 2010

weehoo!! how ya doin peepo!! B-) watsup watsup! hehe it's been a greattttt holiday for me!despite taking a day off on 29th and gone back to work on 30th and back on holiday on the am superrr tired and thrilled at the same time! last wednesday, we had a small get together of old friends back in was awesomeeee!! i love all of u!! it was super fun! gelak tawa sampai orang kedai macam nak baling botol kat kitorang.and Dr Yasmin just came back for a week holidays.despite being in London for 14 years now..but all in all..we get the chance to meet old friends and we are still the same! trust me.except each and everyone of is having good job.great family.getting married soon.and owns an awesome ride too! vroom22!!

this a veryyyy old close friend back at school.he's pilot now.married with two kids!

the thugs
the bouncers ;P

the good old friends and classmates :) we were in the same class since we were 9 years old! and these are the amazing friends who turned up that night :)

from left to right (back) : Lam the Event Manager,Emma the Civil Engineer, Alan the Paed Doctor,Aliaa the hot Exec who handles KACHING!, Acai the Entrepreneur, Aiffa the O&G Engineer, Zack the Pilot, Erin the System Analyst.

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from left to right (front) Lava the Successful Executive in *ehem2* company, Riza the Hot Mama,model and business woman and Yasmin the Doctor and soon Surgeon.

it was great to meet them after 14 years! well although we do meet from time to time.but after 14 years, here are we.same old faces.same old friends and we are still same old crazy people ;) hope to see more of people who could not make it on that day.we can still keep in touch right? ;) what a good way to end the year.meeting up old friends.and catching up good old days! can't wait for new year to come! we'll see what are my resolutions that i've achieved.hehe.have a good holidays! and CONGRATS TO HARIMAU MALAYA!! =) we made it!! xx

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