Tuesday, November 02, 2010

yeayy!! UNIQLO is coming to town!! i had always love uniqlo! they always have cute tshirts and super chic trench coats! i remembered going to Uniqlo every single week in Japan. there's always stuffs that I wanna buy. i love the stripes tshirt.the pj's pants.very very cosy and warm!!

the trench coat is superlove! but i'm not sure mine was a trench or not.because it's made of denim.and its really cosy to be worn during winter or autumn.or even spring! :)

my trench was the one on the lowest right picture.chic kan? =) don't u just love to have everything u want in a shop?! =) UNIQLO is one of the coolest shop in Japan! it's something like GAP in UK ;) and its really really nice!i love the sundresses..floral and frilly! and the pants...umm..ummmm..very comfyyyy..feels like sleeping in it throughout the day! (well for winter of course) and i surely can't wait for the shop to be opened tomorrow! perhaps i will go on saturday :) i can't go tomorrow..so i will try to go this weekends.weeehooo!! i'm all excited because back here..the price is soo much cheaper! i can't wait to shop there! ♥

and coming up! it's deepavali! lavania invited me for her deepavali open house.i can't wait to eat chicken curry.don't worry..it's definitely halal because they don't eat pork and her mom bought chickens from Muslim butcher ok =) oh well,i hope u will have a great deepavali! and today,lets head to the nearest baskin robins in pink.double scoop for only rm6.50 ;) much love xx

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