Friday, November 19, 2010

i was out with mister last weekends.he has to work i sneaked to his place and kidnapped him for a while.we had the best waffles as always ;)

nota kaki : i'm still in my P*S that was the last time i eat those sweet stuffs ok.semalam dah jog satu tasik.sekian.haha!

and this time we had the banana frappe.ooh la la~ this,my the yummiest banana frappe i ever had! it's sooo soffttt and omagawd smoootthhh into ur throat.yum22! ;)

after a very fulltummy..we decided to hit some balls! woohooo!! ok,not THOSE balls.ok! :P mister had never batted we headed to the batting cages.and hits SOME BALLS!! (^0^)

we're not that awesome.but oh well,we did hit some balls.and its a way to release your stress.hehe! or maybe u feel like hitting someone's maybe you should give it a's RM5 for 15balls/hits.

thank God it's friday.And Alhamdulillah for everyday that Allah has given me to breathe in fresh air and being with the one that i love =) believe it or not,we're entering our first year soon. Already?? I know right :) Alhamdulillah and pray for us as I always pray for all of your happiness out there too.much love xx

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