Monday, November 08, 2010 was your holiday? :) it was a very long weekend ey.well although it was only 3 days of holiday..but it seems like forever! i was superrrr exhausted!

on friday morning,i was shocked with the news of dear friend's father who passed away of motorcycle was a really shocking news..and it really brought tears to my eyes.right after the morning jog,i rushed to her house in Sungai Buloh to attend the funeral.i was so sad to watch Allahyarham Uncle Malek...i was streaming with tears and i bet it was harder for Shila and her family accept that the only man in their life had passed away.without even saying going parents was there too and mama could also feel the lost. Uncle Malek was a happy person and he was always smiling when talking to was only 3 weeks ago that I met him for raya open house in Shila' new apartment.subhanAllah..Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun...daripadaNya kita datang dan kepadaNya jua kita kembali..

on the same day was also deepavali open house at lava' was great to have nice mutton curry and roti jala! yep,indian eat roti jalas too ok! ;o) and we had this nice home made blueberry cheese cake.yummmmehhh!! ♥ and after the open i went to Putrajaya to clean up the new apartment.papa and mama was really cute to help me up! mama cleaned the toilets.(there were two toilets) papa swept most of the floors and i,mopped the floor! TWICE! orang muda kena buat keje lebih sikit.hehe..

and i was so forgetful! that i actually planned to meet nadz for +wm earlier.sowieee!it was 630 by we met up later on at night :)

and that was it..the next day was actually nephew days! (LOL) we were awaken early in the morning to send mam and dad to the was 430am!pfftt!i can't open my eyes.without bathing, i changed my clothes and straight into the car.i can't remember when did we actually arrived home.but i was awoken by mam's phone call :P she told me to go and pick up the nephews.WHAT?? it was 9am!! so again,without shower,i drove off to cheras.haihh! so penat! the rest of the day was wedding and bringing those rascals to the kidz sport.very very tiring! :'(

and by then,it was already sunday!! haaaahhh?? i can't recall the part where i could have a good sleep and woke up fresh :( body sores sunday was for me to sweep the house,pick up dirty laundries,wash the clothes.clean up the nephew messes they left the day before.fed the cat,fish and birds.clean up the house.remove the car from inside to outside (the porch need to be empty for the laundries to be hang) so yes.i made that all from 9am til 12pm! and i don't even have time to have my breakfast.*sigh* (i could imagine what a housewife's life looks by 2pm..i am all flat.and all i need is a goooood rest.but the other half came in the evening for some jalan2 and good food.yum2.thanks encik! ♥ we had this yummy crepe in Ikano

wat had dinner at Jom Bali.and watched the 'usual' Mr Bean (everytime pegi jom bali sure pasang mr bean) shopped few clothes for him and we headed home and me,tired and exhausted and happy (^____^) hingga telinga.heee..a nice way to end the weekend ;o) slept in late last night (too exhausted and too much caffeine) played the bejewelled til 2am.and now,i'm super duper sleepy.. *sigh* tsk tsk..oh well,need to energize a bit..maybe Alamanda after work?=P how was your weekends? i hope u had a long and tiring weekend too! but fun,i hope :) lets gear up for amazing week shall we? much love xx

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