Tuesday, November 09, 2010

recently i received this cute little thing.it's really chic and i love the color.black and red. via gave it to me.thanks v! it's cute and very very handy. i could put all my stuffs inside.if going to the cafe for lunch.i hafta bring two of my phones.cash and sometimes car keys.with this little gorgeous bag,i could put everything inside without me juggling too many things in my butterfingers =D i really love it!

and yesterday..i was talking to my other half that i was craving for some chocolates but i just couldn't drag myself to get any.so he said he'll get me a cadbury.yes.i don't mind getting a small bar of chocolates =P i'm that simple you know.i am easily entertain by feeding me! that's it.u feed me..i will be happy all day loo0ongg (of course with a wee bit of surprise) heee..so went out for dinner with encik and he took out this HUGE plastic of 'sumting'. so I was like..ok focus focus.. (i was driving the car when he took out the bag) so to my shock, (i am beyond flattered..) he bought me a HUGE box of Beryl's and a Dove.haha!i know Dove is like i dunno..i haven't heard of it until yesterday.i was twitting about chocolates when opyness told me she got a Dove inside her bag.and i was like "dove shampoo ke?" hehe..turned out.it was a yummmmyy chocolate.thanks encik ♥

those simple things made me smile the whole day.even now.it's not that hard to please a woman's heart you know ;o) much love xx

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