Monday, November 22, 2010

yesterday was pretty hectic for me.woke up as early as 630am.and started to clean up the house,do the laundries.and make sure everything in the house is clean.ehem2.the plan drive to Perak for Nunun's wedding.tsk.(kena make sure rumah tiptop supaya ibu tersayang tak mengomel)

so we gathered at Damas to convoy to Perak for nunun's wedding.mister was so kind to accompany me (thx yg!) although he actually has to work!:( plus,nunun was the first person who get to see encik :P so she invited encik to her wedding the journey went for 3hours ++ and i am going from chirpy to crazy! bosan gila drive straight je! dahlah taleh tido! so we decided to have a dance.a jig.and sang at the top of our was fun!! =)

we arrived a little bit the newly weds are already at the dais for family photos.heh! but Nunun! you looked sooooo pweeetyyy!! alhamdulillah, she is officially married to Fahrin.and Fahrin,my oh my, how did he lost such WEIGHTS!! he shrunk!! heee =D but hey,he looked smashingly handsome ;)

here are us at the wedding!its soo good to meet my old officemates!! most of them are married *sigh* well anyways,it was fun! sempat gossip2 kejap.hehe..head home aroun 3pm and reached by 630pm.penat tu penat..tapi seronok.dapat pegi wedding kawan baik =)

To nunun and Fahrin, selamat pengantin baru and may Allah bless both of you always.and who's turn is next? hmmm..

much love xx

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