Friday, November 26, 2010

Underneath the moon, underneath the stars
Here's a little heart for you
Up above the world, up above it all
Here's a hand to hold on to

But if I should break, if I should fall away
What am I to do?
I need someone to take a little of the weight
Or I'll fall through

You're just the one that I've been waiting for
I'll give you all that I have to give and more
But don't let me fall

Take a little time, walk a little line
Get the balance right
Give a little love, gimme just enough
So that I can hang on tight

We will be alright, I'll be by your side
I won't let you down
But I gotta know no matter how things go
That you will be alright

Lenka, Don't let me fall =)

Happy 365 ♥ mucho mucho love xx


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Monday, November 22, 2010

guess where i am right now? =D

somewhere in PD, where they have HUGEEEE swimming pool! like a theme park.but i could not swim in it..(kerja kan..camno den nak poie swim?) the place is niceee..the beds are cozy and the a.c is veryyyyy cooollinggg..i slept like a baby..but the food is soooooo tasteless.dry.not even moist.and too bitter.nada!sigh.and right now i missing encik so much :( ok.esok balik.motivation sikit.and tonight my friend,i want to have a nice meal at teluk kemang.yes! how's your monday? mundane like mine? =P well lets try to find a rainbow today shall we? much love xx

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yesterday was pretty hectic for me.woke up as early as 630am.and started to clean up the house,do the laundries.and make sure everything in the house is clean.ehem2.the plan drive to Perak for Nunun's wedding.tsk.(kena make sure rumah tiptop supaya ibu tersayang tak mengomel)

so we gathered at Damas to convoy to Perak for nunun's wedding.mister was so kind to accompany me (thx yg!) although he actually has to work!:( plus,nunun was the first person who get to see encik :P so she invited encik to her wedding the journey went for 3hours ++ and i am going from chirpy to crazy! bosan gila drive straight je! dahlah taleh tido! so we decided to have a dance.a jig.and sang at the top of our was fun!! =)

we arrived a little bit the newly weds are already at the dais for family photos.heh! but Nunun! you looked sooooo pweeetyyy!! alhamdulillah, she is officially married to Fahrin.and Fahrin,my oh my, how did he lost such WEIGHTS!! he shrunk!! heee =D but hey,he looked smashingly handsome ;)

here are us at the wedding!its soo good to meet my old officemates!! most of them are married *sigh* well anyways,it was fun! sempat gossip2 kejap.hehe..head home aroun 3pm and reached by 630pm.penat tu penat..tapi seronok.dapat pegi wedding kawan baik =)

To nunun and Fahrin, selamat pengantin baru and may Allah bless both of you always.and who's turn is next? hmmm..

much love xx

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Friday, November 19, 2010

i was out with mister last weekends.he has to work i sneaked to his place and kidnapped him for a while.we had the best waffles as always ;)

nota kaki : i'm still in my P*S that was the last time i eat those sweet stuffs ok.semalam dah jog satu tasik.sekian.haha!

and this time we had the banana frappe.ooh la la~ this,my the yummiest banana frappe i ever had! it's sooo soffttt and omagawd smoootthhh into ur throat.yum22! ;)

after a very fulltummy..we decided to hit some balls! woohooo!! ok,not THOSE balls.ok! :P mister had never batted we headed to the batting cages.and hits SOME BALLS!! (^0^)

we're not that awesome.but oh well,we did hit some balls.and its a way to release your stress.hehe! or maybe u feel like hitting someone's maybe you should give it a's RM5 for 15balls/hits.

thank God it's friday.And Alhamdulillah for everyday that Allah has given me to breathe in fresh air and being with the one that i love =) believe it or not,we're entering our first year soon. Already?? I know right :) Alhamdulillah and pray for us as I always pray for all of your happiness out there too.much love xx

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

selamat hari raya!! maaf maaf..sangat sibuk sejak kebelakangan ini.sempat untuk twit dan fb je.. ;P cuti raya kali ini tak terasa macam raya sangat pun.setiap tahun kami sekeluarga tak balik ke kampung halaman sebab cuti hanyalah sehari.ngeee =B so,ingatkan ibu tercinta tak masak apa2 sangat.sekali,HAMBEK ko! juadah hari raya dimulakan dengan rendang yang telah siap dimasak semalam.

oh sangatlah sedap.sekali letak,letak dua ketul nasi.tengok2 rendang lebih.tambah lagi nasi seketul.nasi pulak camne nak stop?? HAHAHAHHA..pastu..harini..lepas subuh mama dah kejut mintak tolong dia kat dapur.tahun ni kami berdua je sediakan makanan semua.kakak kena bertugas di rumah sendiri.hehe.mama masak lontong..pehhhhh!! sedap gila! ni pun sekali letak kuah,nasi tak cukup..tambah nasi,kuah plak tak cukup.hehe.. *alasannn* at the end of the day (tak berapa nak end sangat,sebab pukul 11 je semua orang dah terbongkang!kekenyangan) tengok jam,baru nak masuk kol 12! =B ape baru makan dua menu.tengok2..semua dah tido merata2 dalam rumah tu.sorang kat depan,sorang kat depan tv,sorang dalam bilik.semua kekenyangan..plak tu hujan! pehhhh memang dari yang tak lena, bertambah lena!sedar2 dah pukul dua.hehe..

bangun2 je aunty datang then berpusu2 cousins datang..nasi yang tadi cukup kena tambah dua tiga kali lagi.kena masak yang lain.hangat betul lontong mama!=P

sodappppp!!uuhhhh..tapi nampak je macam saya lahap,kan?tapi saya makan dua kali je..DUA KALI jeee :D lepas tu menuju ke rumah aunty di belakang rumah.chef hazril kita as usual masak sedap2..masak soto dan lontong! so i aimed for soto of course! seriously sedappppp!! haihh..i am soooo 'mengorbankan' diet dua minggu just ONE DAY!huh! ok esok harus start diet semula (amin!) hehe..but all in all, bila lagi kita nak enjoy food kalau bukan during festive season kan? so tak salah makan..makan sikit2 sudah =) yang penting,lepas tu balancekan balik ;o)

oh well,esok keje macam biasa.although sangatlah takde mood untuk bekerja.tapi i am gonna be working late tomorrow and friday too.and i heard that the development team will be working on sundays too! oooohhhh sweeeelllllll :'( yang penting keje siap.takpelahhhh..pengorbanan..

so what's your pengorbanan for this year? i have sacrifices my duit jola joli this time.because i'm heading east next year =) can't wait!can't wait! take care peeps! don't eat too much! =B much love xx

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Friday, November 12, 2010

tiba-tiba rasa nak makannnnnn je keje!! sebab sudah datang moon kan..sooo meh kita tengok makanan week dah taleh makan dah..kena start ganti puasa.heh!

kegemaran sejak sekolah menengah.everytime outing sure nak order ni

muffinnya yang empuk! goshhh!!sheedappp

penang assam laksa from Seri Penang.sangat sedapppp

chicken sumting2..i dunno what.but sedap!

tomyam mihun.sumting2..haha ni pun sedap!!!haih..

and todayy..

nampak sedap? tak sedap sangat..sebab tooo big,and too floury ? huh!

but these fried calamari's not bad,but i prefer italiannies ;)

oh don't worry.saya tak makan semua tu.saya makan dengan kawan2 yee..jangan ingat saya ni tamak haloba!haha (well i crave..but i could not finish the whole's just tooo big!)

p/s: i crave for DOME's spicy olio's spagetti! arghhhh!! camne niiii..there goes my diet down the longkang!pfftt!!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

recently i received this cute little's really chic and i love the and red. via gave it to me.thanks v! it's cute and very very handy. i could put all my stuffs inside.if going to the cafe for lunch.i hafta bring two of my and sometimes car keys.with this little gorgeous bag,i could put everything inside without me juggling too many things in my butterfingers =D i really love it!

and yesterday..i was talking to my other half that i was craving for some chocolates but i just couldn't drag myself to get he said he'll get me a cadbury.yes.i don't mind getting a small bar of chocolates =P i'm that simple you know.i am easily entertain by feeding me! that's it.u feed me..i will be happy all day loo0ongg (of course with a wee bit of surprise) went out for dinner with encik and he took out this HUGE plastic of 'sumting'. so I was like..ok focus focus.. (i was driving the car when he took out the bag) so to my shock, (i am beyond flattered..) he bought me a HUGE box of Beryl's and a Dove.haha!i know Dove is like i dunno..i haven't heard of it until yesterday.i was twitting about chocolates when opyness told me she got a Dove inside her bag.and i was like "dove shampoo ke?" hehe..turned was a yummmmyy chocolate.thanks encik ♥

those simple things made me smile the whole day.even's not that hard to please a woman's heart you know ;o) much love xx

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Monday, November 08, 2010 was your holiday? :) it was a very long weekend ey.well although it was only 3 days of holiday..but it seems like forever! i was superrrr exhausted!

on friday morning,i was shocked with the news of dear friend's father who passed away of motorcycle was a really shocking news..and it really brought tears to my eyes.right after the morning jog,i rushed to her house in Sungai Buloh to attend the funeral.i was so sad to watch Allahyarham Uncle Malek...i was streaming with tears and i bet it was harder for Shila and her family accept that the only man in their life had passed away.without even saying going parents was there too and mama could also feel the lost. Uncle Malek was a happy person and he was always smiling when talking to was only 3 weeks ago that I met him for raya open house in Shila' new apartment.subhanAllah..Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun...daripadaNya kita datang dan kepadaNya jua kita kembali..

on the same day was also deepavali open house at lava' was great to have nice mutton curry and roti jala! yep,indian eat roti jalas too ok! ;o) and we had this nice home made blueberry cheese cake.yummmmehhh!! ♥ and after the open i went to Putrajaya to clean up the new apartment.papa and mama was really cute to help me up! mama cleaned the toilets.(there were two toilets) papa swept most of the floors and i,mopped the floor! TWICE! orang muda kena buat keje lebih sikit.hehe..

and i was so forgetful! that i actually planned to meet nadz for +wm earlier.sowieee!it was 630 by we met up later on at night :)

and that was it..the next day was actually nephew days! (LOL) we were awaken early in the morning to send mam and dad to the was 430am!pfftt!i can't open my eyes.without bathing, i changed my clothes and straight into the car.i can't remember when did we actually arrived home.but i was awoken by mam's phone call :P she told me to go and pick up the nephews.WHAT?? it was 9am!! so again,without shower,i drove off to cheras.haihh! so penat! the rest of the day was wedding and bringing those rascals to the kidz sport.very very tiring! :'(

and by then,it was already sunday!! haaaahhh?? i can't recall the part where i could have a good sleep and woke up fresh :( body sores sunday was for me to sweep the house,pick up dirty laundries,wash the clothes.clean up the nephew messes they left the day before.fed the cat,fish and birds.clean up the house.remove the car from inside to outside (the porch need to be empty for the laundries to be hang) so yes.i made that all from 9am til 12pm! and i don't even have time to have my breakfast.*sigh* (i could imagine what a housewife's life looks by 2pm..i am all flat.and all i need is a goooood rest.but the other half came in the evening for some jalan2 and good food.yum2.thanks encik! ♥ we had this yummy crepe in Ikano

wat had dinner at Jom Bali.and watched the 'usual' Mr Bean (everytime pegi jom bali sure pasang mr bean) shopped few clothes for him and we headed home and me,tired and exhausted and happy (^____^) hingga telinga.heee..a nice way to end the weekend ;o) slept in late last night (too exhausted and too much caffeine) played the bejewelled til 2am.and now,i'm super duper sleepy.. *sigh* tsk tsk..oh well,need to energize a bit..maybe Alamanda after work?=P how was your weekends? i hope u had a long and tiring weekend too! but fun,i hope :) lets gear up for amazing week shall we? much love xx

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

yeayy!! UNIQLO is coming to town!! i had always love uniqlo! they always have cute tshirts and super chic trench coats! i remembered going to Uniqlo every single week in Japan. there's always stuffs that I wanna buy. i love the stripes tshirt.the pj's pants.very very cosy and warm!!

the trench coat is superlove! but i'm not sure mine was a trench or not.because it's made of denim.and its really cosy to be worn during winter or autumn.or even spring! :)

my trench was the one on the lowest right picture.chic kan? =) don't u just love to have everything u want in a shop?! =) UNIQLO is one of the coolest shop in Japan! it's something like GAP in UK ;) and its really really nice!i love the sundresses..floral and frilly! and the pants...umm..ummmm..very comfyyyy..feels like sleeping in it throughout the day! (well for winter of course) and i surely can't wait for the shop to be opened tomorrow! perhaps i will go on saturday :) i can't go i will try to go this weekends.weeehooo!! i'm all excited because back here..the price is soo much cheaper! i can't wait to shop there! ♥

and coming up! it's deepavali! lavania invited me for her deepavali open house.i can't wait to eat chicken curry.don't's definitely halal because they don't eat pork and her mom bought chickens from Muslim butcher ok =) oh well,i hope u will have a great deepavali! and today,lets head to the nearest baskin robins in pink.double scoop for only rm6.50 ;) much love xx

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