Friday, October 15, 2010

hey peeps! its been ages huh?well,for start..i am having conjunctivitis right now :( bummer and super bummer! not fun ok.u'll be stucked at home and you, my friend could not eat chicken!pfftt!! it started last saturday when my little anak buah kesayangan.came to our house for sleepover.i knew he had red eye and i had been staying away from him and all.but benda dah nak jadi..on sunday..when little ameer was leaving for home..i was just being plain.asking him to kiss and hug goodbye.haa!! amek ko! terus lupa yang dia ada sakit mata!!

by monday..morning,i was super ok.went for breakfast with friends bla bla 11am,hafta drove off to pahang because i have a meeting the next day.and guess what! dah nak jadi..sampai je pekan kuantan..and voila! my eyes starts to itch..and the taik mata all piled up at the corner of my eye already..not good.very very bad sign.

so headed to the pharmacy and got myself an eye just wouldnt work.. :( by the end of the eyes are all red and swollen.i slept in ache.and woke up with a swollen sad :( and yes,my meeting,which was meant for me! hafta go on,WITHOUT me.lucky me,i got two other colleagues who tagged along for the meeting.well..i guess the meeting just hafta go on.went to see the doctor.and she gave me 3 days MCs..till today..being quarantined at home (putrajaya) is not fun ok! super boring! and i haven't switched on my laptop ever since! i was all down..sleeping..eating only tuna sandwich.i made myself some sardine,but it doesnt taste good.i threw 3/4 of it.i ate half a scope of rice.i sleep.i woke up.dropped some ointment.and sleep again.woke up and eat medicine.and sleep again.and then i will watch tired and sleep again.woke up.shower.had medicine.and sleep again.until the 4th day at home.i went sooooo boredddd..i decided to give up.i almost fought with rashid.i was all grumpy and all i want is good food and i wanna go home!!

and guess what..pagi2 encik rashid dah call suruh keluar cari makan.balik ttdi.and rest at home.he said i am all 'lemau' staying in putrajaya.i was.and now..i am safely home.ahhhh home sweet home :) just what i needed.i have santai.i have astro.i have internet.and a very very cosy bed.i slept for 5 hours just now.and my eyes are getting better ( mengada kan my eye?) alhamdulillah..i hope it will gets better by tomorrow.i will hafta practice netball on a tournament on monday.oh well..i hope your weekends will be free from conjunctivitis :P have a nice weekends! much love xx

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