Wednesday, October 06, 2010

i had been pretty caught up in work lately.the only time i am free is after work.and weekends are sooo full with family occasions and open house (well..hari raya is almost ending) so yeah..i had been supeeerrr busy.i lost my broadband.i lost family.i lost a good friend's dad too :( many things had happened.and for hari raya..i didn't even get to see my boyfriend :( sangat busy kan?

i realized that throughout the years.i had changed into a different person.a weeee bit.don't worry, i'm still that crazy little fun's just that i think i've grown older.i started to feel lazy to go outside and meet people.i just wanna cuddle at home with my family.i even accompanied mom to jewelry shop?? since when did this happened? =P (ok don't get the wrong idea.i was just accompanying her to get her new white gold bracelet :D ) and i started to feel lazy to go to weddings. (weird right?) and even worse! i didnt take pictures at weddings anymore.i just blah =P even ikhwan (aysha's hubby) who used to tease me on how much i love taking pictures at weddings..was shocked! hehe...i think just i get older.. *sigh*

i realized that my work had been great ever since i decided to work with the government. and guess what? it's a YEAR already! far rezeki was ok.i am really thankful for that.and and encik is almost a year already :) so far everything's running smoothly and i hope it will smooth sailing till god knows when.. ♥ and as time goes by..i started to miss my friends too! well the only time i have for them are on weekends.when i'm not in sad that i miss hanging out at belakang pasar eating roti john or nasi lemak ayam.i do miss hanging out with ttdi friends on weekdays night at curve,or OU or jasima just for a maggi mamak and teh niceee..i really miss those days..

and now its been almost 8months i had been renting in putrajaya.well i rented a room knowing that i could not live in a HUGE place alone.but things are going well so far.insyaAllah i will be getting a new place for my own (yes,staying alone) in wanted to rent a place and its really cheap! and i really hope it could help me save up some money you know.i was never the type who saves up money.the extra money i have will surely be spent either on new shoes or tickets to places i wanna go =) and maybe eating out with friends.i had been enjoying doing it but realizing that i had been spending too much on it makes mom snap it the hell out of me.haha!that's the only way for me to meet up friends kut =P hehe..

oh well..despite all the time i have was not that fun like it used to..i need a little time to get myself back on track.i wanna be happy fun crazy u know :) just in a lower gear.take things slowly and seize the day when it comes =B hehehe...i will keep on updating soon.don't worry.if you bumped into me.just say 'Hi'. i lagi suka! ;o) much love xx

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