Sunday, October 17, 2010

helllooooo!! oh my gucci! alhamdulillah my eyes are soooo much better now.but my right eye is a wee bit blurry.macam orang rabun.tsk :( after 6 days of prisoner at home! i am now freeeee!! (^0^) and what i needed is just a nice almond magnum. *bliss* ♥ ♥ ♥

i am going to work tomorrow.lilo is on her way back to sad,i sempat jumpa sekali je :( but at least we got to do LOADS of catch up :) and esok jugak ada training netball.haihh..with my eyes like this.i am not sure if i could see the goal post clearly.heh.

6 days of being lefty eye.i am soooo lost and almost gave up! i even fought with my encik :( just because i was at the lowest state of my mind and emotion. being 'disable' turned me into a monster! i can't do things that i want right?so i started to DO thing that I way! haha!talking about childish and also grumpy old lady.nothing critical.just few stupid things.everything pun serba tak kena.padahal sakit mata je.tapi its different tau.sebab u taleh nak jumpa orang.(knowing me.i kan suka lepak kuar minum or makan borak2 etc) when i'm stucked at home..i can't even watched tv! (for hours) and look at the lappy for more than an hour! my eyes will turn into blood red! so sayang mata ke tak? dahlah kerja kat ofis berlambak2! nak kena guna mata jugak,kan?:P

so i rested for the whole 6 days.slept for almost 18 hours per day! i even got exhausted and tired of sleeping,i end up sleeping at 10.woke up at 2am.and then sleep again.and woke up at 6am.and then sleep again.and woke up at 10.and then sleep again at 12 or 1pm.and then woke up at 6pm.damn,right? =P well all in all,it was the worse experience my friend,stay away from sucks! BIG TIME! =P take a good care of your eyes ok.hope u had a nice weekend.i know i didn't :( so next week! i'm gonna kick some good start =) lets?

much love <3

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