Sunday, October 31, 2010

harlow!! =) big smile big smile! how are u all doing? i hope u're having a great weekend! well,it's halloween today,huh? i bet my friends in states,canada and even japan are having a great time trick or treating =D as for me,my weekends was hectic and fun!

met opy and ajjah at Empire on was my first time to Empire, and subang is like always 'sesat'.one time i'm taking the right route,the next time I'm already on the wrong route heading back to Petaling Jaya.sheesh!! but once beaten,twice a shame!haha! so i managed to reach Empire.and the place,my friend, was not too bad! ;) it's something like One Utama.but Old wing.not many people buzzing around or even weird kids with weird outfits like KLCC or midvalley.haha!

ajjah and opy are old friends back in my matriculation year.they are funny and happy friends!i love hanging around them.really funny and happy people =) it's been 7 years!! can you believe it! =) back from when i was not so skinny.and back to not skinny at all! HAHA! i met them up at Serai.which i did not get to try the food.(i was late.taking care of my nephews :D ) and then we just walk around the empire and opy and aishah decided to take the highest slide in the mall.the LEX Slide! :P i wasn't in the mood for i did not sled!:P then we headed to 'surau' to learn how to wear mysaa and aishah's tudung style :D it was fun! i never knew there were so many ways to wear your LONNGGG shawls ;)

then we finally headed to Whisk! me likey!! but the shop is toooo small for me.such a bummer!but it was my first time to try 'another' red velvet cake.(previously i was soo attached to foxy red) well unfortunately,the red velvet cake was not that yummy.i prefer..wm? :P ok let see who can make me like another version of foxy red.hehe.and then..we had the macaroons!! the peanut butter flavor (the one in turqouise blue) was really nice.but yeah..too sweet for me.the pandan was ok.the pineapple,i didn't try :D

i got my passport sleeves too!! me likey! oh and my hand phone sleeves too! i can't wait for our little project with ajjah :) insyaAllah.and so..we ended our meet up after whisk.head up.sugar high.happy head =)

and look what i decided to add at the sleeves :D

button and ribbon!so that i can make sure my stuffs don't fell.haha.i am a clumsy person u know (i just dropped my corby for the 100th times!dad's how can crafty gifts from a good friend NOT make u a happy bunny? =B i am super duper happy!! i hope u have a great weekend too! off to bed now,coz mundane Monday's coming *snort* much love xx

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