Sunday, October 31, 2010

hellooooo!! its been ages since i last updated on bali.i just wanna keep it stucked in the back of my head so it won't be forgotten.*sigh* promised..let me continue with my trip to Bali.. ;)

day 5 :

on day 5.we decided to watch the sunrise on Sanur.most people will come to Sanur to watch the sunrise because Sanur is known as the sunrise me and nuren decided to wake up at 630 and headed straight to sanur watch the beautiful sunrise in was amayyyyzingggg..subhanallah..

cantik kan?? :) its such a peaceful sight ♥ and the rest of the day..we just laze around and stay at home :)

money spent : none. *bliss*

will update more on bali day 6! our final day in Bali..the best and the one that should not be forgotten :) much love xx

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