Monday, September 06, 2010

last friday was berbuka puasa with my gals at cafe barbera,bangsar.the place is sooo nice.the chairs are soooo comfy.the place was recommended by nadz (thanks nadz!) and lil irfan joined us too =) we had some lasagna,salmon sandwich,fish fritters,spicy prawn olio and beef padelele? hehe..

see those happy faces.hehe.muka tak sabar nak makan.we are soooo hungry!!lucky i brought kak ina's jam tart.habis dibedal semua.hehe.

sorry.i know all of u are fasting.hehe.but the food was as good as it looks like.err except for shoe?haha!i was kidding lah shoe!lepas cakap daging masak kicap terus dia taknak makan =P it was an innocent mistake =B hehehe..anyways,the next day was berbuka puasa with nuwen!! i really miss my chunkie! ♥ it's good to see her we went to waroeng penyet for berbuka.but i mistakenly booked the place for only five when there were seven of us :( so i decided to have a small berbuka before the ayam penyet.we decided to go to chocolate! yumm yumm!! ♥ ♥

and then later on we headed back to penyet and got ourselves seats (me,mister and rika) and we savour our penyet till the last bit.yum2.its the best lah!! ♥ and guess where we went after penyet? haha!yep,chocolate again! =B

and then the next day was a just simple berbuka puasa at home with mom and early in the morning,went to OU to run some errands.and my dear nadz texted me to get her redvelvet cupcakes from delicious.unfortunately there was only one she asked me to have it for myself.and guess what?

it is realllyy huge my friend!:P i can't even eat the whole cupcake!heee =D it tasted good.but i personally like +WM foxy red ;) and after 'visiting' OU.we went to matta fair ;) it was for the first time.went there with dad.just the two of us.park depan our old school,SSPKL kolam ayer.and then we walked up to pwtc.the place was crowdeddd!! but the most crowded place was within Malaysia packages.very very cheap!! i saw posters of Langkawi for RM70!perhentian for rm100! and everywhere is soo cheap! but our mission is to get cheap tix to Japan next year (insyaAllah) so we went to the other halls.and saw few very very cheap packages.if it was only me going,i've bought the tickets right away!haha! but insyaAllah its gonna be the four of dad wanted to find the right date and the right price ( a friend of mine could get rm1280 tickets to Japan) so we might as well hunt till we find it.hehe.unfortunately,we could not find it.and they are all expensive if we wanted to buy tickets for next year.but its ok..there's another MATTA FAIR next year, dad and i decided to head home.nak pegi tanam duit belakang rumah kejap.hehe

so yep.pretty much that's it :) amazing and tiring weekends.but i had a great least i know how does cafe barbera looked like.and how super duper sedap is waroeng penyet (had always know that.hehe) and how does the red velvet cupcakes tasted like ;) and how does MATTA FAIR looked like :D banyak nye 'like' how was your weekends? i can't wait!! can u believe it? it's another 3 days to go!tomorrow is my last day at work! weeee!! i seriously can't wait! =) i bet all of u are in the Hari Raya mode right now ;o) ok then.gotta get back to work.have a nice Ramadhan.another 3 days till those who's going balik kampung carefully.hati-hati di jalan raya ok.ingatlah orang tersayang.till then.much love xx

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