Friday, September 03, 2010

haaluuuu gosh!i am sooo bad at updating blog nowadays..i had been busy going iftar or just lazing around the house.sheesh..lazy arse! =P soo,missy azz is back.she's back for been going out with her,showing her new food places to go.last saturday we went to Good Evening Bangkok after visiting fizz and her baby and we had these nice meals of steam rice,green curry chicken,clear water seafood tom yam, shrimps in chillies (azz makan sorang 6-7 ekor because i don't eat shrimps) and friend kangkung in belacan.drinks u can choose from lime syrup and soursop juice.and we even got cendol for dessert.oh!we even got spring rolls for appetizer.gosh!we were FULL!!! sangat kenyang ok!yum yum! definitely wanna go again =B

and then the funny thing is,makcik ni tak pernah makan tutti frutti =P so kami pun telah ke tutti frutti pada suatu was 930 and i thought the shop was closed but guess what?it was pouring with gals and guys in baju melayu and baju kurung (baru balik terawih lah tu kut) and azz did her own tutti frutti (ok jangan gelak.dia first timer.LOL)

ini hasil azz..ok does it looked like something? haha!:P

and of cos ni orang pro lah buat kan.hahaha (puji diri sendiri) tasted GOOOODEEHHH! B-) nadz we will definitely bring u again.maybe tonite! after our iftar at cafe barbera! ;) speaking of iftar.alhamdulillah being in putrajaya is not so bad.since mister is around to teman me berbuka.(housemates semua takde.berbuka kat luar dengan kawan2) first week of Ramadhan was crazy me driving back and forth from Putrajay to TTDI just to have my berbuka with my family.second week *uhuk* tak *uhuk* pu**a tak busy sangat nak 2nd final week of Ramadhan is invitations from hotels and so on.fuh!we were STOKED! i did get invitations at Marriot Putrajaya..but unfortunately they did not get the HALAL from JAKIM i did not go to the iftar. the next week was iftar at Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa.and this place,people! is supeerrrr noiceee!! the food is yummeehhh!! but i stopped before i could start the next round.superfull!

so besides these nice invitations in hotels,i only had my iftar mostly at Alamanda.(yeah! LAME) but out of those nice days i had my iftar in Alamanda..yesterday was the worse! :( (well not that bad..) but we could not find a seat at any restaurants! :( it was only 645pm ( we use to come earlier and the place was not 'that' packed) so me and mister decided to berbuka at Big Apple Donuts :( but it was ok..i've craved for donuts for quite some time :D
well peeps.its another 6 days to Raya.can u smell it in the air? =) i do! i had been buying 4 types of kuih raya!lo.asal nampak je beli.asal nampak je sape nak makan semua biskut raya tu?? u tell me? =P

today i'm having my iftar with my babes at cafe barbera.will update on that soon!;o) have a nice Ramadhan.and hope to see u soon!much love xx

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