Sunday, August 15, 2010

salam.hey people! i had been superrrr busy and not feeling well lately.first day of Ramadhan and i was down with fever.padahal seminggu sebelum Ramadhan pun dah start puasa (ganti.tsk) and i was doing just fine.i wonder now i'm stucked with my flu.and nose *soksek*soksek* very very had been superrr hectic after i left for my induction for almost a month.i am catching up with unfinished business.i am left with 5months before the project fully enroll and i am running out of time.everyday is stuck in the the time i was checking on the's already 30minutes past 5pm.and i will rush back home just to get back on time. i haven't been at my apartment for a while.since's either i have no friends back at home or i am just too sad to be eating sumting else besides mom's cooking. i did try a few get back to my apartment and i was asking my housemate where are they having their break fast, they will definitely be NOT what the hell in the world i will be sitting in front of the tv and eating alone right? so i've been traveling back and forth from putra to ttdi just to have mom's cooking.but it can be really really tiring and depressing.the traffic! subhanallah!! it's either i fell asleep while driving or i just can't help myself from honking those cha ya nun alif people who is soooo selfish! macam lah ko puasa jugak?!! ya Allah..memang menduga betul.

so here i home =B of cos! but i hafta start to cook on my own next week onwards.i have to be strong enough to have my break fast in my own doesnt matter if its me alone or watsoever.i HAFTA cook! =P so, i went to tesco and bought myself a nice decent..SARDINES.hahaha! and few grains of rice..and some chicken ball for soup or fry.and cooking oil.and some biscuits just in case i get lazy to cook =P so yeah.pretty much that's it.the basic stuff for someone like me "cooking for idiots" LOL.its not that i can't cook.but i don't think i have time! lol.well i did wake up one day and cooked myself a nice omelet with some ketchup and fried some sausages. (pathetic) the least i can do to survive.hahahaha!

so people.what is it like for u to have your sahur or berbuka at home?if you're married,it's gonna be tough for u there.think something creative..something like nasi goreng ayam ciken ball.or maybe sardine ikan sambal sausage? or perhaps telur masak tomato kicap? hahaha! i bet u guys are scratching ur head now.have a pleasant Ramadhan peeps.and don't forget!! jangan curi curi makan!! ;o) till then.much love xx

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