Sunday, August 01, 2010

hey peeps!! i am back! sorry for such a looooonggg silence.had been to the induction for two and out KL.alhamdulillah all is over and i was soooo freaking tired.everyday is waking up at 550am.solat and getting ready for 30minutes of poco poco and morning exercise.i am almost zombie for the first 3 days.i almost cried on day 4.tired and exhausted.physically mentally,everything! the food was great but the time schedule sucks like BIG time! we have classes from 0800 til 1630! and otak is sooo tepu! then we had sukaneka in the evening.from 530 til 630pm.and then we will rush back for solat til our next class at 830pm til 1130pm.crazy right?i know! i was lifeless zombie for almost a week.but amazing friends and good motivation had kept me going on and on.til then end of the induction =) it was from 24th til 31st of july.and i am sooooo freaking exhausted!

encik picked me up and we had late lunch.and bought tix for SALT.headed home at's not until 10pm.thought i would get a quick nap.but guess what? i was suppperrr exhausted that i slept until TEN PM!!! yes!! i slept for 6 freaking hours! and maxis line was bengap.suddenly went totally weng! and my celcom line was off,due to no-time-to-charge-the-phone during the induction! i did not even set the alarm as i never thought that i would overslept!! i suddenly woke up at 9.53 pm checked the phone.and was shocked!my maxis was not working.kelam kabut tukar sim card celcom masuk phone and checked.encik called 13 times!sms like nak dekat sepuluh!! i quickly called encik.and he was already drove off and heading home!! OMFG! kesian gila!!! but encik was being super sweet to decided to turn back and picked me up =) thank u ♥

so yeah,sempat tengok SALT.although we were err..20minutes late :P ticket dah beli.takmau bazir.and at least we were not so lost..heh.headed home.bones jolted and ignited. kenot sleep. suddenly my maxis went back ON.(stupid maxis!) i checked my phone again.there was pending messages and calls.encik called 13 times! and he texted me that he had knocked on my house door for how many times i don't know. (my room was just up front the porch,and i could not hear the knock!) i was totally COMA for 6 hours! :P and he even said that he will wait me til 10pm,and if i'm still not awake,he will leave! and he did! just a few seconds right before i woke up! (HAHAHA!! soorrryyyyy babe..i IS tak sengaja!!) kesiannnn gilaaa!! but nasib baiklah encik ni super penyabar!! =B

and and the girls visited via at FATSPOON.her new ventured restaurant with her couzie shell =) it was awesomeee!!!! they have good food and drinks too!! i tak sempat nak tangkap gamba the whole place.will definitely go there next time! congrats via!! nice shop!! ♥ ♥

we had a great fun at the sudu gemok! hope to come again soon!! thanks girls.just what i wanted for ending the weekends.ok peeps! need to crash now.tomorrow is work. *sigh* and soon! its Ramadhan! dah habis ganti? =B have a nice week ahead!much love xx

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