Friday, June 11, 2010

last weekend was a loooooonggg one.lil rascals came over.took the whole day with them watching 'Cars'.and yes.i got the whole script at the back of my hands at night,planned with lava lava to meet up for dinner.we wanted to go to subak.but it was full some wedding occasion.called alan to change place.headed to curve for duduk cafe.but we were 30minutes was closing.*sigh* so all i want was the spicy olio from dome.called alan again.change up at dome :) lepak and lepak til 1am and decided to continue for dessert at chocolate :) memang bloated kenyang and god know how fat i was that night :P the next day went jogged for 5 rounds!lol.wanted to go for brunch but no one was at called lava again.decided to have subak.again :P so there were we..the only person having lunch at subak.making noise and grunting about the not so delicious ajaaa..sebab dah kebulur.dua2 baru lepas bersukan dan baru bangun tido :P oh.i bought new blouses from missy alysha too! sukaaa!!! but i just realized.saya ni rendah. (HAHAHA) so i looked short in the blouse.but i still love it :) it was such a lovely weekend.and its weekends again! i'm heading to skudai tomorrow.and hopes to see mr b on sunday :) enjoy the pics.

cik lava yang hawt

saya yang rendah.menggayakan baju baru.perlu latih diri untuk lebih tinggi

dessert yang kedua tersedap.sebab yang pertama sedap sudah habis ditelan dengan rakus

cuba untuk berlakon untuk kagum

cik lava mempromosikan kopi susu pahitnya :)

kagum dengan makanan sendiri

cuba untuk menikmati makanan yang kurang enak

memang indah rupa dan khabar

indah khabar dari rasa :P

have a nice weekend!! much love xx

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