Sunday, June 06, 2010

the second day in perhentian was pretty much the same but damnnnn tiring!! we spent more than 3 hours in the water.u could see how tanned i am now :P but thanks to spf 130 ++ *wink*wink* kulit masih putih berseri seperti menggunakan fair and lovely.auww..(ok tak pun..tipu je) but this time..i brought my sayang LUMIX into the deep sea and captured amazing pictures!! (i love u lumix!) but tak sempat tangkap gamba turtle or shark.turtle : sangat laju , shark : aku lari awal2 nampak je terus pecut :P

so lets catch the wave!! \(^0^)/

those corals are sooo pretty kan?? but there's more.its just that i forgot to take the photos.too captivated by it (takut jugak kalau2 celah tu ada ular air :P) and so the trip ended with a longgg sleep kroh kroh till 4pm.till the boat came and took us away *macam kena paksa* sempat lah mengpose ala2 "AHOYYY!! PIRATES' SHIP AHEAD!!" :P

so trip will be..johor (wedding) and BANDUNG!! weeee!! ♥ did u have a great weekend? i did! lepak at dome with alan n lava.and lunch at subak the next day ;) will update soon! much love xx

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