Sunday, June 13, 2010

woww!! can u believe it?? it's my 800th entry! it's been 7 years since i first start many things i've poured in this blog.i've changed the layout thousand times!! (ok not thousands but quite a few time.) and i've spoken soo many things! my crushes,my 'fallen to deaf ears' love (LOL),my so many angered and grumpy was funny.2003 was when i in my first year in college.and i was only 19? i blogged in english most of the time and i realized how i had grown from such a silly girl to a grown up lady (cewahhh) ok aku tau korang gelak sebab erin selalu playful and childish.haha! so anyways, on my 800th post i would like to share my 2010 resolutions :)

1) get a good job
2) travel to amazing place (uhuh! the best place is bali!!)
3) get a boyfriend *wink*wink*
4) go to canada (which is tak jadi lah.malas plak rasa.haha!)
5) go to australia perhaps
6) visit lela and azz in london (one fine day insyaAllah)
7) be good to good to myself
8) cherish everyday
9) be thankful
10) buy an iPhone!!! (insyaAllah)

well some of it alhamdulillah.i've achieved it *uhuk*uhuk* but some are still in reaching phase.need to spend more time to look back on it.sometimes i just forget that i have aims in life.i was just too busy chasing after everything not realizing that some things were left behind.but yeah..thru out the years..i've met sooo many amazing people and made sooo many i look back..those people in my facebook ARE my friends.were my friends and just some new friends.and i enjoy each and everyone of them.if i did not say Hi to them for almost a year,it doesnt mean that i've forgotten them's just there's 681 people! woww!! that's like a school of friends :P so yeahh..i hope they will not forget me too.just say hi to me.i'll hit u back B-) so,what's it like be on 800th post? (you must be very talkative person like me :P )

oh before i go..guess who i met when i was on the way to JB?? lookie lookie!! it's mrs amir a.k.a mona with her sofea alesya :) so cute!

off to JB again tomorrow! see u on wednesday! much love xx

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