Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hello friends.thanks a thousand millions billions and trillions for the birthday wishes.i am over the moon today.thank you.well,i was reallllyyy tired today as i was in terengganu earlier this morning.working in the morning til in the afternoon til evening.and took the plane home at 10pm :( i arrived in putrajaya somewhere around 11pm..sangattt penat..until he came and fetched me.despite working for almost a day in terengganu on my birthday..i came back to a pleasant surprise from my love ones..

a box full of Beryl's all in pink and a bouquet of pink roses..

thanks love ♥ u really made my day..thanks to all too..what a pleasant day for me today.i'm blessed to have all of you ♥ ♥ much love xx

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Friday, June 25, 2010

arghhhh..saya semakin tercabar!sedang buntu untuk memilih di antara iphone 4 atau iphone 3gs.masa nak beli iphone 3g, orang suruh tunggu iphone 3gs keluar.bila ada perasaan nak membeli iphone 3gs yang membuak2..orang suruh tunggu iphone 4 plakkkk..huhu..memang tarik rambut konpius! :P

tapi saya tetap rasa iphone 3gs adalah hot ♥
kan kaem kan? =B and walaupun ipad sangat hawt.tapi saya masih setia kepada vaio saya =) lagi dua bulan cukup matang setahun cik vaio pinky saya ni.i love u baby! ♥ =B tapi kesayangan motorola si ramping razor berwarna pink sudah tidak mampu berkhidmat lagi (boleh sms,tapi taleh call)

so..maknanya saya dah boleh pegi cari phone ganti ke?can aa? =B eiii tak sabar nak tunggu bulan 8 insyaAllah =) oh!harini puasa day 3.another *uhuk*uhuk* 10 hari insyaAllah.harap2 sempat lah kut..tehee..oh well..all i know esok i mahu lepak with my girls!! ♥ have a nice weekend everyone!! much love xx

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

haloooo..i am finally back in KL.penatnya sayaaaa..and today is puasa :P day one of 13!! dah nak dekat bulan puasa dah menggelabah baru nak ganti :D haihhh..5 days in BTN was superrr tiringgg!! but fun! its not the physical activities that tires me..but the mentally.brain washed.and talking about kenegaraan,kerakyatan,bla bla bla.sampai dah hafal buku perlembagaan!:P pastu kena bangun kol 5 everyday!dah macam zombie! although there were few hours break.but then u hafta go again..walkinggggg down the hill...up the the place for discussions.dah macam budak sekolah pun ada :P all in was a great experience..get to know amazinggg ladies and mommies :) and the best part was..dapat satu bilik ngan azna! hahaha..dah sah2 memang satu office.meja satu partition! :P senanggg hidup aku.and right after BTN..went straight to Kuantan.for the server migration.another 4 hours of drive.and thank GODDDDDD..i could get my long hours sleep and a nice cozy bed!

tengah tengok FIFA.hehe.pasang kuat2 sebab tido sorang

i loike! today.amek a day off after a whole week away from KL.and i am also counting days for my *ehem2* day :) another 6 days to go!! weeeee ♥ apelah yang saya akan dapat eh? :P tapiiii...i am in terengganu on 28th and 29th!! huuuu tak bestnyaaa!! :( takpelah..nak buat camne kan..keje..(so saya nak menuntut early birthday celebration this weekends lah.haha!let mams and dad do it :P ) better bring me eat good food.dah seminggu makan nasi and lauk orang susah kat BTN tu :P

and here's some of the BTN's pic.enjoy :)

it was superfun and a great experience.although its a very lo0oooonggg 5 days! but i think we just need 4 :P lama wooo 5 hari.kestabilan minda dan emosi tidak dapat dibendung lagi.haha!dah pulak teringat kat orang mum texted me with an "I miss you" message!huh.tangkap jiwa betul! HAHAHA! yang lagi sorang tu lagi lahh..dah penat dah menunggu 5 hari :P so alhamdulillah.saya sudah lulus,PRE-LULUS :P next step is Induksi umum and khusus.and i am on my way to naik gaji!! weeeee ♥ ok! off to watch A-Team tonight.have a nice wednesday peeps! much love xx

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hey peeps.i had been away for awhile.just got back from 5 days of BTN and then straight to kuantan for work.sleeping over in kuantan tonight.alone.tired and restless.had been away from home since life had been is this small luggage and a bag of toothbrush and soap.will learn how to be a very active mom from nadz.promise! (haha.sebab kena ada tenaga kuat kan untuk jaga anak?:P) i'm exhausted...but i love my job ;) see u soon! much love xx

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

woww!! can u believe it?? it's my 800th entry! it's been 7 years since i first start many things i've poured in this blog.i've changed the layout thousand times!! (ok not thousands but quite a few time.) and i've spoken soo many things! my crushes,my 'fallen to deaf ears' love (LOL),my so many angered and grumpy was funny.2003 was when i in my first year in college.and i was only 19? i blogged in english most of the time and i realized how i had grown from such a silly girl to a grown up lady (cewahhh) ok aku tau korang gelak sebab erin selalu playful and childish.haha! so anyways, on my 800th post i would like to share my 2010 resolutions :)

1) get a good job
2) travel to amazing place (uhuh! the best place is bali!!)
3) get a boyfriend *wink*wink*
4) go to canada (which is tak jadi lah.malas plak rasa.haha!)
5) go to australia perhaps
6) visit lela and azz in london (one fine day insyaAllah)
7) be good to good to myself
8) cherish everyday
9) be thankful
10) buy an iPhone!!! (insyaAllah)

well some of it alhamdulillah.i've achieved it *uhuk*uhuk* but some are still in reaching phase.need to spend more time to look back on it.sometimes i just forget that i have aims in life.i was just too busy chasing after everything not realizing that some things were left behind.but yeah..thru out the years..i've met sooo many amazing people and made sooo many i look back..those people in my facebook ARE my friends.were my friends and just some new friends.and i enjoy each and everyone of them.if i did not say Hi to them for almost a year,it doesnt mean that i've forgotten them's just there's 681 people! woww!! that's like a school of friends :P so yeahh..i hope they will not forget me too.just say hi to me.i'll hit u back B-) so,what's it like be on 800th post? (you must be very talkative person like me :P )

oh before i go..guess who i met when i was on the way to JB?? lookie lookie!! it's mrs amir a.k.a mona with her sofea alesya :) so cute!

off to JB again tomorrow! see u on wednesday! much love xx

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Friday, June 11, 2010

last weekend was a loooooonggg one.lil rascals came over.took the whole day with them watching 'Cars'.and yes.i got the whole script at the back of my hands at night,planned with lava lava to meet up for dinner.we wanted to go to subak.but it was full some wedding occasion.called alan to change place.headed to curve for duduk cafe.but we were 30minutes was closing.*sigh* so all i want was the spicy olio from dome.called alan again.change up at dome :) lepak and lepak til 1am and decided to continue for dessert at chocolate :) memang bloated kenyang and god know how fat i was that night :P the next day went jogged for 5 rounds!lol.wanted to go for brunch but no one was at called lava again.decided to have subak.again :P so there were we..the only person having lunch at subak.making noise and grunting about the not so delicious ajaaa..sebab dah kebulur.dua2 baru lepas bersukan dan baru bangun tido :P oh.i bought new blouses from missy alysha too! sukaaa!!! but i just realized.saya ni rendah. (HAHAHA) so i looked short in the blouse.but i still love it :) it was such a lovely weekend.and its weekends again! i'm heading to skudai tomorrow.and hopes to see mr b on sunday :) enjoy the pics.

cik lava yang hawt

saya yang rendah.menggayakan baju baru.perlu latih diri untuk lebih tinggi

dessert yang kedua tersedap.sebab yang pertama sedap sudah habis ditelan dengan rakus

cuba untuk berlakon untuk kagum

cik lava mempromosikan kopi susu pahitnya :)

kagum dengan makanan sendiri

cuba untuk menikmati makanan yang kurang enak

memang indah rupa dan khabar

indah khabar dari rasa :P

have a nice weekend!! much love xx

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

the second day in perhentian was pretty much the same but damnnnn tiring!! we spent more than 3 hours in the water.u could see how tanned i am now :P but thanks to spf 130 ++ *wink*wink* kulit masih putih berseri seperti menggunakan fair and lovely.auww..(ok tak pun..tipu je) but this time..i brought my sayang LUMIX into the deep sea and captured amazing pictures!! (i love u lumix!) but tak sempat tangkap gamba turtle or shark.turtle : sangat laju , shark : aku lari awal2 nampak je terus pecut :P

so lets catch the wave!! \(^0^)/

those corals are sooo pretty kan?? but there's more.its just that i forgot to take the photos.too captivated by it (takut jugak kalau2 celah tu ada ular air :P) and so the trip ended with a longgg sleep kroh kroh till 4pm.till the boat came and took us away *macam kena paksa* sempat lah mengpose ala2 "AHOYYY!! PIRATES' SHIP AHEAD!!" :P

so trip will be..johor (wedding) and BANDUNG!! weeee!! ♥ did u have a great weekend? i did! lepak at dome with alan n lava.and lunch at subak the next day ;) will update soon! much love xx

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Friday, June 04, 2010

hey paulie.i miss are still one of my favourite ;) see u soon!

p/s:damn right if ur eye caught the one in checkered.that's my paulie :)

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