Sunday, May 30, 2010

hello people!! i had been super trip to niah was not yet updated and yet i came up with another entry on perhentian B-) haha!i am sooo overwhelmed! it was just a short trip to perhentian hence going back to meet grandma yeah..its was not was amayyyyzzinnggg!! as usual..annual trip to perhentian is a must for dad and me :) so we pushed off from ttdi to kelantan on thursday morning..and arrived at 12.sleptover at mama tok's place and woke up the next day psyched!! weeehooo!! sun, sand and seaaaaa!! here we comeee!!!

took the boat to perhentian at 1130am (which was 3hours late!we arrived at 830!:( ) but lucky us,the boat was we don't have to take a l0ooonnnnggg queue to get the boat.(the waiting was due to my big brother and 'friends' yang very lemah so reached perhentian kecil by 1230 and we stayed at a small house called YELLOW HOUSE.seee?? yellow!! :)

we got a small room of one queen bed and a single bed,air conditioned,and a toilet.the tv's down the hall.(barely watch it.too busy with the sea activities :P) and this is how it looked like in front of our house :)

kampung goal post :)

morning sun :)

their 'parking lots'

the business here was not bad.this time,we had the chance to feel the lifestyle on the island.waking up.park the boats.get the cargos.get the groceries from besut.groceries arrived in bundles.40 bottles of fuel for the boats.loads and loads of veggies for the business ( my dad's friend have a small restaurant) , chickens and some other stuffs.this is how it came..

it came in bundles
came by boat.they picked the groceries as early as 630am
dad,dah macam taukeh plak
ja's dad..pulling the cart to pick up the groceries

most people do business here.restaurants,boat rides to perhentian besar or other islands,snorkeling and stuffs.but food is the main.funniest thing i've tasted was the fish and chip! memang gelak guling2 sampai sekarang kalau ingatkan balik.there's this shop in perhentian kecil.they served chicken chop,fish n chips we ordered fish and chips.and guess what came to our table?? HAHAHAHAHA..its a ikan tenggiri goreng.(kunyit ok..maybe they use kentucky flour) served with coleslaw and chips! mak aih!! serious rasa nak marah campur nak gelak! dahlah rm12!! pffttt!! telankan jugakkkk..nasib baik ada kucing kat bawah meja time tu :P so we let the cats finished it for us :P too bad no pictures taken.we were so much in shocked maybe.haha!but that night we went to hang out at long beach.first time naik boat malam2.gelap gulita.but the moon was such a beauty!! bulan terang :) so we lepak under the moon with dad,me and ash.listened to the reggae band singing and chilling at the buffalos.had chicken and tuna sandwich.pehhhh sedap gila! with mars chocolate shake..ahhhh..what a paradise B-) head home at 1130pm.hit sack for a great start the next day.

second day was diving and meeting my little friends!! helloooo fishyyyy!! ♥ ♥

next : second day in perhentian :)

much love xx

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