Sunday, May 02, 2010

helllloooo gorgeous!! how's everything back in semenanjung?? :) i was away for a while.four days away from the love ones sangat tak best ok!tsk tsk (T__T) but the four days of sun,sea and sand is very fun!! oh minus the sun please.because i was in borneo for work.tsk (-___- ")

so,my route was KL-Sandakan-KK-Labuan-KL.but the route was like taking bus from KL to Seremban or Melaka or Perak..sumting like that.but this time,by PLANE.sangat penatttt!!!the route was like :

morning : In Putrajaya.Meeting.
evening : Took flight to Sandakan.
night : Dinner in Sandakan

morning : Breakfast in Sandakan
evening : Lunch in Sandakan and off to KK
night : Dinner in KK

morning : Breakfast in KK.
evening : Lunch in KK and off to Labuan
night : dinner in Labuan

morning : breakfast in Labuan
evening : Lunch in Labuan
night : Light Dinner on flight.Late dinner in KL.

fuhhhh!!tiring right?? but the best part was seafood overloaded!!! :P thanks to amazing friends back in Sabah to treat us amazingly HUGEEEE portion of shrimps,SQUIDS,crabs and loads and loads of fish!! so enjoy the picasa!;)

this is my first time trying the telur penyu.YUCKS!!(ok this is siti btw)

hahhhhhh...penat ok perut ni makannnn je kerja!harini i missed my double up next week.but then next week plak hari rabu til jumaat pegi penang plak!! food lagi!! but i've always wanted to go to PENANGG!!! i miss nasi kandar and char kuey teow penang style y'all!hehe..oh as's some amazing photos of sunsets on flight :) how was ur weekends? i hope u had a great always..much love xx

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