Monday, May 03, 2010

lepak at Uptown with ell and lava last night.went to aki's pitstop in uptown.right behind steven's (the famous chicken chop and steak in uptown) .but couldnt find the place.while waiting for alan to direct us to aki's place.we decided to savor the chicken chop.tak sedap pun!lagi sedap kat alamanda.haha!

then alan came.turned out,aki's place was righttt thereee..hehe.the name is 'the presents' .yep.'hadiah' tu.. :D the place sells all sorts of kakigori (ice kepal ye kawan2) and waffles too!seddappppppp!! do come to the place ok! saya promote ni :D it is called 'the presents' right behind the steven's. and it's kinda cheap too! silalah beramai2 ke kedai aki.sekian :D

even lava was all psyched!dah sugar high pun!lol

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