Sunday, May 30, 2010

hello people!! i had been super trip to niah was not yet updated and yet i came up with another entry on perhentian B-) haha!i am sooo overwhelmed! it was just a short trip to perhentian hence going back to meet grandma yeah..its was not was amayyyyzzinnggg!! as usual..annual trip to perhentian is a must for dad and me :) so we pushed off from ttdi to kelantan on thursday morning..and arrived at 12.sleptover at mama tok's place and woke up the next day psyched!! weeehooo!! sun, sand and seaaaaa!! here we comeee!!!

took the boat to perhentian at 1130am (which was 3hours late!we arrived at 830!:( ) but lucky us,the boat was we don't have to take a l0ooonnnnggg queue to get the boat.(the waiting was due to my big brother and 'friends' yang very lemah so reached perhentian kecil by 1230 and we stayed at a small house called YELLOW HOUSE.seee?? yellow!! :)

we got a small room of one queen bed and a single bed,air conditioned,and a toilet.the tv's down the hall.(barely watch it.too busy with the sea activities :P) and this is how it looked like in front of our house :)

kampung goal post :)

morning sun :)

their 'parking lots'

the business here was not bad.this time,we had the chance to feel the lifestyle on the island.waking up.park the boats.get the cargos.get the groceries from besut.groceries arrived in bundles.40 bottles of fuel for the boats.loads and loads of veggies for the business ( my dad's friend have a small restaurant) , chickens and some other stuffs.this is how it came..

it came in bundles
came by boat.they picked the groceries as early as 630am
dad,dah macam taukeh plak
ja's dad..pulling the cart to pick up the groceries

most people do business here.restaurants,boat rides to perhentian besar or other islands,snorkeling and stuffs.but food is the main.funniest thing i've tasted was the fish and chip! memang gelak guling2 sampai sekarang kalau ingatkan balik.there's this shop in perhentian kecil.they served chicken chop,fish n chips we ordered fish and chips.and guess what came to our table?? HAHAHAHAHA..its a ikan tenggiri goreng.(kunyit ok..maybe they use kentucky flour) served with coleslaw and chips! mak aih!! serious rasa nak marah campur nak gelak! dahlah rm12!! pffttt!! telankan jugakkkk..nasib baik ada kucing kat bawah meja time tu :P so we let the cats finished it for us :P too bad no pictures taken.we were so much in shocked maybe.haha!but that night we went to hang out at long beach.first time naik boat malam2.gelap gulita.but the moon was such a beauty!! bulan terang :) so we lepak under the moon with dad,me and ash.listened to the reggae band singing and chilling at the buffalos.had chicken and tuna sandwich.pehhhh sedap gila! with mars chocolate shake..ahhhh..what a paradise B-) head home at 1130pm.hit sack for a great start the next day.

second day was diving and meeting my little friends!! helloooo fishyyyy!! ♥ ♥

next : second day in perhentian :)

much love xx

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

miri was awesomeeeeee!!!! i am soo gonna come back! ♥ niah was wayyy awesomerrr!! am at stranded at the miri airport heading back to KL already.then hafta transit di kuching.but its ok.i'm gonna see u soon!:) much love xx

more to come on niah! see u!! :)

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Friday, May 14, 2010

work in kuching is done.and so is in miri.dah makan mee kolok.dah makan lalapan ayam and dah makan mee sarawak yang terbaeekkk!! and now off to niah! gonna have to wake up at 530am and take an hour ride to niah.bought all the necessities : headlamp (torchlight),rubber shoes,gloves and raincoat! ;) off to niah in 5 hours! hope all is well and have a good night peeps!much love xx

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Monday, May 10, 2010

halooo!!wahhhh ape kabar semuaaaaaa??? (semangat suara cam orang naik stage nak buat show) lol.finally gained my energy back B-) a good massage and a loooooonggg hours of sleeping :) ahhh..bliss ♥

so,i went to penang for the URS Workshop.we stayed in Bayview Beach and Resort,Batu Feringghi.penang was great lahh babe!! kan farah kan?? besides going there for workshop.the longgg hours of bus trip was damn tiring!sakit bontot! :P tengok dvd sampai 3 movies pun tak sampai2! but once we arrived at the hotel.damn!i'm blessed B-)

food wise.memang anti clock wise mata aku!rambang mata nak makan macam2..end up eating pasta je.sebab dah muak nak makan nasi.but hari2 adaaa je LAMB!(in the menu) so another tak larat a.k.a nak muntah makan i decided to eat the chicken sausage je (datang jauh2..makan chicken sausage je??) but the seafood was ya rabbi!! tapi i tak makan seafood pun :D setakat udang tu.huh!memang tak pandang :P but breakfasts and lunches pun sedap jugak.BBQ lagi lahhh..(memang patut jog 5 round arini..semput gila!!) on the second night baru lah nak berjalan kat pasar malam dia.sempat borong dvd and bought myself a night lamp! i had always wanted to have this night lamp!it's DIY by the way :) best!

on friday was the closing ceremony and we ended at ape lagi!!lets nasi kandar lah kan..sambil cari jeruk peruk segala jenis..we found LINE CLEAR.hehe.the famous line clear nasi kandar of course.lucky we came during not so peak saya berjaya makan nasi kandar line clear!yeahhhhh (sambil tunjuk ibu jari best) ya rabbiiiii sedapppp!!!lama gila tak makan nasi kandar.and this is champion lah weh!(orang kata ada kedai lagi satu..yang beratur panjang tu..tapi kitorang tak jumpa kedai tu.sebab takut kena beratur :P)

wahlauweiii there goes my diet down the drain.a veryyyyy longgg drain :P among others.i did do!!! tapi sakit peha gue.kena tarik!imagine the parachute a.k.a sail was blown upwards by the wind.and the boat is pulling me downwards towards opposite ways pulling hard.saya rasa seperti sakit pinggang!haddhoooiii :P but the view from the top was stupendous!subhanAllah..and we were flying during the sun was amazingggggg!! ♥

sangat best lah! worth paying 60bucks ;) hehe.i think going holidays in malaysia is wayyyyy worth worth worth it!! i mean,we have all these great activities every where!water rafting,paragliding,bungee jumping.all these..we can do it i think i'm starting to like malaysia more ;p don't u? next packing my bag to kuching and miri.will be staying in miri for 3 days and 2 days in kuching.heading to niah for cave trekking B-) insyaAllah..gonna hit the sack now.much love xx

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

halo.ahhh...i miss seriously!i miss being away from my favourite people too.nadz!! i really miss u.but i have soooo many things to do and soooo little time for myself :( my schedule is wayyyy beyond my imaginations! least i have weekends to rest.just got back from penang.woohooo!! it's really really awesome.but i am weighing 'awesome' too!haha!i think i put on some weights.biasalah perempuan :P so..being 'sihat' is actually healthy ;) (alasan untuk tidak dipanggil gemuk) so i need to get back to my jog routine.but double it up!so kenalah rajin pergi jog kat umah sewa kat putrajaya tu :P need to hit the gym too!haihh..wahai threadmill.saya rindu kamu.tapi maaf.sebulan sempat guna dua kali je!HAHAHA! pemalas betul.

time memang seriously KAPUT.out!nada!i was away from office most of the time.doing the ICT award for the KP' merantau ke seberang laut..pegi sabah.then off to selangor.and then,right after selangor shoot off to penang for 3 days workshop.ya Allah makanan hotel!!! sangatlah mewahhhhhh..ok.malas nak cite.u know buffets.BUFFETS are not good for ur health! fish are friend! (therapy untuk sharks macam aku ni..makannnnn je semua benda..tolak batu and kayu.huh!) sabah plak dengan seafood nya..mak aih!cukup2lah tu..7 bulan ngan gomen.i think i put on 7 kilos gamaknya!HAHAHA!pemurah makanan betul gomen ni i think its enough of me having amazing lets get back to our diet,shall we? :) anyways,'sihat' is healthy right? ;) much love xx

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Friday, May 07, 2010

my workacation in penang is ♥ can i come again?

too tired to update now.will update on penang stop : kuching and miri! gua i come!! much love xx

p/s:best tu best.tapi penat badan tak hilang lagi niiii..i need a massage!! :(

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Monday, May 03, 2010

lepak at Uptown with ell and lava last night.went to aki's pitstop in uptown.right behind steven's (the famous chicken chop and steak in uptown) .but couldnt find the place.while waiting for alan to direct us to aki's place.we decided to savor the chicken chop.tak sedap pun!lagi sedap kat alamanda.haha!

then alan came.turned out,aki's place was righttt thereee..hehe.the name is 'the presents' .yep.'hadiah' tu.. :D the place sells all sorts of kakigori (ice kepal ye kawan2) and waffles too!seddappppppp!! do come to the place ok! saya promote ni :D it is called 'the presents' right behind the steven's. and it's kinda cheap too! silalah beramai2 ke kedai aki.sekian :D

even lava was all psyched!dah sugar high pun!lol

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

helllloooo gorgeous!! how's everything back in semenanjung?? :) i was away for a while.four days away from the love ones sangat tak best ok!tsk tsk (T__T) but the four days of sun,sea and sand is very fun!! oh minus the sun please.because i was in borneo for work.tsk (-___- ")

so,my route was KL-Sandakan-KK-Labuan-KL.but the route was like taking bus from KL to Seremban or Melaka or Perak..sumting like that.but this time,by PLANE.sangat penatttt!!!the route was like :

morning : In Putrajaya.Meeting.
evening : Took flight to Sandakan.
night : Dinner in Sandakan

morning : Breakfast in Sandakan
evening : Lunch in Sandakan and off to KK
night : Dinner in KK

morning : Breakfast in KK.
evening : Lunch in KK and off to Labuan
night : dinner in Labuan

morning : breakfast in Labuan
evening : Lunch in Labuan
night : Light Dinner on flight.Late dinner in KL.

fuhhhh!!tiring right?? but the best part was seafood overloaded!!! :P thanks to amazing friends back in Sabah to treat us amazingly HUGEEEE portion of shrimps,SQUIDS,crabs and loads and loads of fish!! so enjoy the picasa!;)

this is my first time trying the telur penyu.YUCKS!!(ok this is siti btw)

hahhhhhh...penat ok perut ni makannnn je kerja!harini i missed my double up next week.but then next week plak hari rabu til jumaat pegi penang plak!! food lagi!! but i've always wanted to go to PENANGG!!! i miss nasi kandar and char kuey teow penang style y'all!hehe..oh as's some amazing photos of sunsets on flight :) how was ur weekends? i hope u had a great always..much love xx

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