Sunday, April 11, 2010

its been ages since i last post pictures on i'm back with food! (yes,even sissy's friends told her that i'm such a foodie!) teheee :D

so these are the food place i went few months back and recently..

sushi king @ midvalley

i've always love sushi king.the kareage is just superb!! oh they have croquette too!♥♥

black canyon coffee @ alamanda

and a dessert for myself ;) superlove kiss cheese! from +wm

ok dah.sila drool.and terus cari sushi king berhampiran :P and also black canyon is highly recommended!! the coffee looked superb!! they have lots of choices for coffee and ice blended! wonder i could not fit my baju2 ramping anymore.boleh je..tapi muat2.haha!ok.puasa seminggu!:P

how was ur weekends?hope u had a great one.mine was blah blah.because need to study on my government law papers.esok exam!!! ok peeps!enjoy ur weekend!much love xx

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