Sunday, April 25, 2010

do u remember when u were young?back when u were in primary school..all u wanna do is play and studying is just a second options.well,i remembered back then we used to have a group of friends.i remembered the exact number of us.twelve! yep dua belas.there were me,ayun,ranjini,yasmin,aliaa,lam,lava,aiffa (was it?) and there were aysha,farah,and aimi and the twelve of us are like group yang glamour lah ni kat skolah (pfftt!) so we did all kinds of things.we played softballs,we cycled around taman tun (kira kalau korang nampak 12 budak perempuan merewang naik basikal tu..kami lah tu :P ) and we even skipped school together!we went to sekolah agama together.we went to school trips together.we sleepovers at each other houses even our house are like 5mins away!lol.but it was sooo much fun u see.but yang penting..all of us ni glamour sebab semua pandai2 ;) (durhhh!!)

i remembered sleeping over at yasmin's house.yasmin is now a doctor in London ( i do miss her sometimes) we used to be sooo close.i spent most of my time at her house.she's like this cool kid but yet very very humble.i think she's the richest among us all.i'll fill u in later..

so..talking about yasmin.she's the brightest among us all.i guess.she's the doctor,when i was 'wasting' my time at her house.her mom will cook us the 'red fish soup'.and her mom speaks ENGLISH with her.i mean all of her siblings will speak i was the one speaking malay kampung.haha! ( i guess her mom had somehow educates me to speak fluent english) she was the first person i know who has very expensive cars.with drivers too! and she also have an air conditioned room.she has this HUGE room.well actually,something like a store room with stash of JUNKS!! like junk foods! i tell u!! she has everything inside that room! she has SNICKERS ( i recalled that!) she has mars.she has all sorts of weird chocolates her dad bought.and she has OMFG sorts of goodies! i love going to her house because her mom will give me twix!sedap siot! sampai sekarang suka makan yeah..she was really awesome that she went to UK after UPSR.dahlah pandai.orang senang plak tu.sopan santun.cewahhh..hahaha..but seriously..she was the nicest girl i ever met.although i always made her cry..(entah kenapa dulu suka buli dia..:P) and while she was in UK.she took her O Levels there.and even went to high school in York.although we keep in touch through snail mail..i've always love getting snail mails from her :)

after a while..she went to med london.boy she was soooooo different compared to while we were young.well..growing up in Europe is not the same right.but she's still grounded.that's what i like about her.she's still the same old yasmin.sweet and nice person.and of course,humble :) well now she's a doctor in London.her mom,wow! is a Phd. and teaching in York.her sister,Nadiah is studying in London too.and her youngest sister,Raihan is staying with her mom in York.oh,and even better..Yasmin actually plays electric guitar.she dives.she sky dived.she has done almost everything on her own.and despite all the crazy and wackiness..she still remembers me :) she always make sure that she will meet me if she's back in Malaysia.and that,those little things she did.makes me miss us.the old gang of twelve.

and now..all of us are working.alhamdulillah.with all kinds of expertise B-) lava is now working with her dad.something to do with HR and training.aliaa is now working as an executive in Security Commision.(she's really good with numbers) Lam is now working as an event manager.Ayun is now working as IT administrator (am i right?) with Petronas,married to a loving husband,Emri.Aysha is working as an engineer with Petronas.married with a baby boy!Ranjini is working as an Engineer in Tennessee. Yasmin,a doctor in London. Farah's working with Bank Negara ( i think) ,Aiffa's working with a chemical industrial company,Me..i'm working as an IT Officer with the Syariah Law Department Malaysia.and aimi is married with a baby! and emma..i have not met them both for a longgg timee.. i miss those days.but i'm glad.we're still in touch with each other once in a while.we did get together whenever one of them were back from overseas for about u? do u miss ur school friends too? :)

just incase u're wondering ;)


from left : aliaa,me,farah,lava,aiffa
that's aysha on the left and u can see me and farah somewhere there :P
from left : emma,ranjini,aliaa,lam,me,farah,ayuni,lava and that's yasmin :)


that will be me,ayun,ranjini,aji and aysha (after she got married)
from left : lam,yasmin,me,aliaa and lava

my hot larva..pstttt!!! :P

pweeetyyy aliaa

pweeetty dr yasmin and me :)

and mosttt recently..

we're still standing.. :) 16 years and still counting ♥ ♥

that's ayuni (3 months pregnant),aysha with baby qayyum,me and aliaa :)

much love xx

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