Saturday, April 03, 2010

helo portobello (ok saje je nak,i am not in london :D mahupun di portobelo market.hehe) just finished my saturday morning routines.jogged with dad.breakfast and home.chilling.did the laundries and ready to jemur! home with lil bro.he had a high fever.i bet u've heard of arwah din beramboi.he surely left us with a deep impact.especially to people who watched raja lawak or listening to buat keluarga arwah.

as for must go on :) its been a month in putrajaya.although u can actually count that i only sleep on weekdays that will be 18 days! (hahah terus potong separuh!) but still..staying on my own is sangat tak best.because i dont have dad's huge tv.and my own room with bed and closets.but i get to diet though.HAHA.i mean at times i dont feel like eating.i will eat just biscuits.its not because i dont wanna cook (plus we dont have anything in the fridge to cook pun :P) but we just have no time to ourselves.out of the 4 days i'm in putrajaya..i was out most of the went out to hunt for food.or perhap if the three of us were at home.that will be catastrophic!lol.we will end up sitting on the tv :D pastu ada je benda2 pelik.then jerit2 satu rumah.gelak2.pastu tido ;P i mean..we're just too tired to just do stuffs.working had sucked out all of our ana herself..working with EPU is bad news! she's been working aroun the clock.she's even home at 10pm! and as for me..i'm starting to work late just can't be done by 5.everything is starting to pour in april is sooo packed already!!next week is meetings!the next week is workshops! and the next week is off to borneo for if april's done.i'm left with may ..which is my holiday to perhentian.and i dunno what else's left.crazy schedule right?

but i still get to do stuffs.just need to squeeze here and there.time management people ;) time is sooooo important!sometimes 24 hours are just not enough,right? so find your own time.make a full use out of me!;) i'm going to bed now.haha! (penatlah jog...) nahh i'm kidding.i'm off to do the laundries.shower.and off to the mall to get some stuffs ;) and what really put me at ease is to see u in red.because i think u're hot B-)

have a nice weekends people! much love xx

p/s:i still owe bali.wait till the bali mood's back ok :D

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