Saturday, March 13, 2010

berhabuk dah blog.fuh!fuh! (^3^) february was a month of bz bz bz.march lagi lah!too many things to do at the same time.i had moved in putrajaya.alhamdulillah.second week was thot i was homesick!haha!so comel.actually..its a mix of stress.travelling from work etc.and also moving out.haha.well u know.when u buat everything all at once.and the weather was like u tend to get sick terus exhausted and dehydrated.kaboom! demam :P

so last month was dr.alan's comeback to tanah air.went out with zull and ina too.they came to ttdi so i tagged them along to meet up with alan :)

and then the next week was my 'sick' week.i was sick the whole week and weekends was like suck!BIG this week was wayyy much better :) had great fun with my soul sisters ♥ went out to subak with my darlings.future-mummy-in-two-days,bluebird and bubbly-girl-stirring-her-tea-with-knife :P we had great laughs and yummy dinner too!and mummy's tummy is soo0 big now! :B lucky nothing here's crazy us! =B

suka tengok muka bluebird tension masa nak kira bill.i think she kirakan jugak sebab takut kitorang salah kira.hehehe.takpe id,lama2 nanti u akan terer.saje je kasi u practice.hehe.the photos from powershot g10 was awesome too.i love that cool wan!B-) takpelah..i'm still loving the lumix superlove ;) so ok.another one more day for mummy farah!! but tomorrow morning we are going out for breakfast!hopefully ok =B insyaAllahhhh..when the time comes,baby will come out in DSH of cos!heeee :D ok peeps!have a nice weekend!! much love xx

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