Tuesday, March 30, 2010

its been a while..heee :D lately macam malas nak blog (note that the bloggers will have the same penyakit : malas nak update ) so yeah..been busy with work.weekends with nephews and niece.moving in the refrigerator into the new place.sakit pinggang.loads and loads of meetings.UrS.sRs.wtf and everything.shopped food for the fridge.thrilled! :P sebab tak pernah shopping nak isi penuh peti ais.tehee.. :D and celebrated big bro's and lil eyman's birthday last week.just a simple dinner and a cake.even though tak sempat rasa.tapi i tau rasa dia sedap.hehe.but i did have an awesome weekends.will keep posted.just need some time to find a room.to breathe :)

happy birthday to eyman and walid.may Allah bless both of u :) ♥ ♥ much love xx

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