Thursday, March 25, 2010

its been a week had been suppppeerrr many things to do.and i don't even realized its almost end of march.sayf's already 10days old ♥ hehe.mummy farah must be thrilled! next thing you know he's one year old.its been a week since 'that' day too.i know i miss us.but what is there to do right?maybe time will help both of us become better.insyaAllah.i'm here.reachable.i hope ur doing fine.i bet u are :)

tomorrow's going back to ttdi.abang's birthday tomorrow.gonna celebrate with lil rascals this saturday.i have no idea where are we going yet ;p but its gonna be crazy weekends.i need a good rest please!so many paper works need to be fact,i am doing two of it now.pfftt!! its been ages since i have to bring back all my work home.sigh.who said working with the government is 'easy'? its soooo yesterday!! everything's soo busy nowadays.well doesnt matter where u're doesnt have to be government office..private sector,banks,car dealers..everywhere definitely has their own workloads,stress and hectic ;) so..its weekend!!! lets loosen up y'all! much love xx

p/s: its payday.and its weekends.where to eat eh? ;) oh i bought cool glads last week.had my awesome mama's beef bolognese at delicious too!daisukiii!! heee.. :">

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