Friday, March 12, 2010

dear mom,
i really miss u today.i can't wait to see u soon!:D

dear azz,
i read ur chain mail over and over.and i think i might cry missing u so bad.

dear nadz,
i miss u this whole week so i can't wait to see u tonight!! ♥

dear monkey,
u haven't called me for quite sometimes now :) or was it a month ago?hehe

dear babe,
i miss u today :) i see u next week.

dear bali,
i will see u next year.i really miss going out at night and have a great dinner by the sea.i miss going to kuta! :) and i wanna go cafe bali ♥ ♥

dear karimah,
i miss talking to u and our crazy talks.please hurry up june + july so we could get our dream phone.hahaha!

dear u,
whoever u are out there.i bet there's someone missing u badly out there.miss they will miss u back :)

i believe in that.i do :)

have a nice weekends!! much love xx

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