Friday, March 19, 2010

ok.nak balik ttdi again today!this week is sooooo freaking fast!nadz delivered baby on monday.tuesday was back in ttdi and lepak with bluebird.wednesday was awesome UM.i like her dresses!!! credits to Colleen Atwood great job! i love this dress the most!

so pretty right?? i love all the dresses!! except for the red dress she wore at the castle.but still colleen has pretty wicked ideas for the dresses! ;o) so,thursday night will be my futsal was awesome!! we played for an hour and i was the first person to score on the first half!! thrilled gila!! hahahaha but it was superfun.lama tak bersukan yang sebegitu :P

so balik ttdi!! can't wait to see nadz and lil sayf again!and bluebird too!!! and via too! and oh of course mom + dad (although i met them three times this week!haha) so,what's ur plan for weekends? jom pegi broga hills? :D much love xx

p/s : updated 10.37 am : mom and dad is here in putrajaya again.haha!minggu ni minggu bertemu ibu bapa ke?? :P

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