Sunday, March 07, 2010

teheeee :D hellooooo...woww!!its good to be back.i had been lousy for full week! seriously this high fever had kept me in bed forever!!coughing.and curling up in bed.sangat tak best! tapi takpe.erin is back! :) alhamdulillah..after a week at home *ehem2* konon2 nak pindah rumah baru lah kan..hahaha dah pindah dua hari je! terus demam!:P no lah..its not because of the me.its just the weather and the ambiance was a weeee bit i was all stressed up with work lately..stressfull mind yada yada terus demam.and its the worst!! :( i don't even have the mood to go out or even eat! :( i was sleeeeeping most of the time.tak best kan?

so now i'm tengah lapar tatau nak makan ape.baru ada appetite nak makan sumthing yummyy! mushroom soup? or ape eh? oh!!oh!! i want mama's beef bolognese in Delicious! wahhhh i miss!! kat putrajaya mana ada delicious!!! :( tak bestnyaaaa..haihhh..see i start to complaining again :P nampak sangat tak nak pindah balik.but then..its better to be there on weekdays.i can't stand driving soooo far everyday and stucked in the traffic for,i guess its better for me :) oh,while i was sick in bed..i was reading this blog : bohemian junk she's a hong kong girl lived in NY.i like her style.and her blog too.she makes me want to play dress up everyday :) she's living on her own too.and yet she seems ok,enjoy reading her blog and i reallllly need to find something to eat right now.or i'll have another airheaded syndrome and stucked in bed forever! :P have a nice weekends! much love xx

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