Tuesday, March 30, 2010

its been a while..heee :D lately macam malas nak blog (note that the bloggers will have the same penyakit : malas nak update ) so yeah..been busy with work.weekends with nephews and niece.moving in the refrigerator into the new place.sakit pinggang.loads and loads of meetings.UrS.sRs.wtf and everything.shopped food for the fridge.thrilled! :P sebab tak pernah shopping nak isi penuh peti ais.tehee.. :D and celebrated big bro's and lil eyman's birthday last week.just a simple dinner and a cake.even though tak sempat rasa.tapi i tau rasa dia sedap.hehe.but i did have an awesome weekends.will keep posted.just need some time to find a room.to breathe :)

happy birthday to eyman and walid.may Allah bless both of u :) ♥ ♥ much love xx

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

its been a week now.work had been suppppeerrr hectic.so many things to do.and i don't even realized its almost end of march.sayf's already 10days old ♥ hehe.mummy farah must be thrilled! next thing you know he's one year old.its been a week since 'that' day too.i know i miss us.but what is there to do right?maybe time will help both of us become better.insyaAllah.i'm here.reachable.i hope ur doing fine.i bet u are :)

tomorrow's going back to ttdi.abang's birthday tomorrow.gonna celebrate with lil rascals this saturday.i have no idea where are we going yet ;p but its gonna be crazy weekends.i need a good rest please!so many paper works need to be done.in fact,i am doing two of it now.pfftt!! its been ages since i have to bring back all my work home.sigh.who said working with the government is 'easy'? its soooo yesterday!! everything's soo busy nowadays.well actually..it doesnt matter where u're working.it doesnt have to be government office..private sector,banks,car dealers..everywhere definitely has their own workloads,stress and hectic ;) so..its weekend!!! lets loosen up y'all! much love xx

p/s: its payday.and its weekends.where to eat eh? ;) oh i bought cool glads last week.had my awesome mama's beef bolognese at delicious too!daisukiii!! heee.. :">

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Friday, March 19, 2010

look what i got from my SIL.she sent me a cute MMS from lil ameer.with caption

'i'm happy for you aunty eyin'

haihhh...how can i not love this gendut!! ♥ ♥ ♥ thanks kak dee.i am happy for u too!! mama told me already! hehehe

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ok.nak balik ttdi again today!this week is sooooo freaking fast!nadz delivered baby on monday.tuesday was back in ttdi and lepak with bluebird.wednesday was awesome UM.i like her dresses!!! credits to Colleen Atwood great job! i love this dress the most!

so pretty right?? i love all the dresses!! except for the red dress she wore at the castle.but still colleen has pretty wicked ideas for the dresses! ;o) so,thursday night will be my futsal nite.it was awesome!! we played for an hour and i was the first person to score on the first half!! thrilled gila!! hahahaha but it was superfun.lama tak bersukan yang sebegitu :P

so today..is balik ttdi!! can't wait to see nadz and lil sayf again!and bluebird too!!! and via too! and oh of course mom + dad (although i met them three times this week!haha) so,what's ur plan for weekends? jom pegi broga hills? :D much love xx

p/s : updated 10.37 am : mom and dad is here in putrajaya again.haha!minggu ni minggu bertemu ibu bapa ke?? :P

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sayf irfan mohammad sofie

hello sunshine ♥ ♥
aunty yeen and aunty id are meeting u sooonnnn!!! can't wait! oh please hurry up tuesday!i wanna head home and see lil farah + sofie ♥ much love xx

photo from nadz bb :)

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

it's yummy mummy!! B-)


edd + emma and lil batrisya! :) ♥ ♥

isn't +wondermilk such a lovely place to meet people? :) oh i met alan + amai too!hehe that explains the weird pictures taken.alan's trying to be creative i say.shots are wickedly artsy.haha!thanks alan.i see u next week ;)

how was ur weekends?mine was awesome!can't wait for next week!! :) have a nice weekend! much love xx

p/s: hope nadz's doing fine.tomorrow is her due date!so soon right?!! :)

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

berhabuk dah blog.fuh!fuh! (^3^) february was a month of bz bz bz.march lagi lah!too many things to do at the same time.i had moved in putrajaya.alhamdulillah.second week was ok.lol.via thot i was homesick!haha!so comel.actually..its a mix of everything.work stress.travelling from work etc.and also moving out.haha.well u know.when u buat everything all at once.and the weather was like shitty.so u tend to get sick cepat.like terus exhausted and dehydrated.kaboom! demam :P

so last month was dr.alan's comeback to tanah air.went out with zull and ina too.they came to ttdi so i tagged them along to meet up with alan :)

and then the next week was my 'sick' week.i was sick the whole week and weekends was like suck!BIG time.huh.so this week was wayyy much better :) had great fun with my soul sisters ♥ went out to subak with my darlings.future-mummy-in-two-days,bluebird and bubbly-girl-stirring-her-tea-with-knife :P we had great laughs and yummy dinner too!and mummy's tummy is soo0 big now! :B lucky nothing happened.hehe.so here's crazy us! =B

suka tengok muka bluebird tension masa nak kira bill.i think she kirakan jugak sebab takut kitorang salah kira.hehehe.takpe id,lama2 nanti u akan terer.saje je kasi u practice.hehe.the photos from powershot g10 was awesome too.i love that camera.so cool wan!B-) takpelah..i'm still loving the lumix superlove ;) so ok.another one more day for mummy farah!! but tomorrow morning we are going out for breakfast!hopefully ok =B insyaAllahhhh..when the time comes,baby will come out in style.at DSH of cos!heeee :D ok peeps!have a nice weekend!! much love xx

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Friday, March 12, 2010

dear mom,
i really miss u today.i can't wait to see u soon!:D

dear azz,
i read ur chain mail over and over.and i think i might cry missing u so bad.

dear nadz,
i miss u this whole week so i can't wait to see u tonight!! ♥

dear monkey,
u haven't called me for quite sometimes now :) or was it a month ago?hehe

dear babe,
i miss u today :) i see u next week.

dear bali,
i will see u next year.i really miss going out at night and have a great dinner by the sea.i miss going to kuta! :) and i wanna go cafe bali ♥ ♥

dear karimah,
i miss talking to u and our crazy talks.please hurry up june + july so we could get our dream phone.hahaha!

dear u,
whoever u are out there.i bet there's someone missing u badly out there.miss them.so they will miss u back :)

i believe in that.i do :)

have a nice weekends!! much love xx

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

teheeee :D hellooooo...woww!!its good to be back.i had been lousy for full week! seriously this high fever had kept me in bed forever!!coughing.and curling up in bed.sangat tak best! tapi takpe.erin is back! :) alhamdulillah..after a week at home *ehem2* konon2 nak pindah rumah baru lah kan..hahaha dah pindah dua hari je! terus demam!:P no lah..its not because of the homesick.trust me.its just the weather and the ambiance was a weeee bit different.so i was all stressed up with work lately..stressfull mind yada yada yada..so terus demam.and its the worst!! :( i don't even have the mood to go out or even eat! :( i was sleeeeeping most of the time.tak best kan?

so now i'm ok.alhamdulillah.ni tengah lapar tatau nak makan ape.baru ada appetite nak makan sumthing yummyy! likee...pizza?or mushroom soup? or ape eh? oh!!oh!! i want mama's beef bolognese in Delicious! wahhhh i miss!! kat putrajaya mana ada delicious!!! :( tak bestnyaaaa..haihhh..see i start to complaining again :P nampak sangat tak nak pindah balik.but then..its better to be there on weekdays.i can't stand driving soooo far everyday and stucked in the traffic for ages.so,i guess its better for me :) oh,while i was sick in bed..i was reading this blog : bohemian junk she's a hong kong girl lived in NY.i like her style.and her blog too.she makes me want to play dress up everyday :) she's living on her own too.and yet she seems happy.hehe.so ok,enjoy reading her blog and i reallllly need to find something to eat right now.or i'll have another airheaded syndrome and stucked in bed forever! :P have a nice weekends! much love xx

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

hey peeps.i had been under the weather lately.i'm back in ttdi now.had high fever for almost 4days now.the temperature is not subsiding at all..i guess it's the weather.i have no appetite of anything yummy lately.everything tasted so payau!:P and now i'm still in bed.1 day of work.three days off?! greatt!! justtt great! so many things to do and yet i'm still stucked at home :( lets hope the week after is going to be alright for me.maybe it's just me trying to fit into the new home and the new jobscope :( hope u have a great week! :) much love xx

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Monday, March 01, 2010

helo.saya di rumah baru.huh..tak perlu buat post poyo macam berpindah beribu batu dari malaysia.haha!but seriously,moving into this new place reminds me of japan! single bed.few boxes as tables!pathetic gila!and a luggage at the end of the room (showing that i'd just moved in.lol) alhamdulillah..the place was not THAT bad.i've unpacked stuffs and put a double triple layers of matresses (should've bought that ikea sultan mattress!haha!takyah susah payah nak layer sampai 3 lapis! :P) and i'm now halfway to sleep.esok keje!so takyah nak kecoh setakat pindah 45minit dari ttdi.jangan terkejut kalau esok tengok2 tengah lepak belakang pasar dengan bluebird and nadz!hahaha..

so no more teh ais santai,no more jasima maggi goreng at wee hours,and no more..urm mams?hish rindu plak bila duduk jauh2 ni.taleh nak gaduh.huh!kalau dekat asyik nak cari salahhh je :P i miss u mom!i call u tomorrow k ;) so ok peeps.nothing to brag about.alaa..pindah kat putrajaya je erin..bukan pindah negeri pun! :P wish me luck ey!hitting sack now.much love xx

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