Sunday, February 07, 2010

woww..its been two days after bali T__T i miss bali..balik2 je my big brother told me.."lama gila ko pegi!! seminggu kutt! macam pegi UK" hahahhaha! yekeee?? tak rasa pun..rasa cam sekejap pun ada.if i ada duit lagi time tu..i memang akan stay longer.for real!B-)

but takpe.i'm heading to another island soon! ;) insyaAllah this may,i'm meeting perhentian island again.hellooooo sun sea and sand! ♥ oh before i could update on my one week stay in bali.yesterday we had a small baby shower for farah :) i hope she had a great time.i did ;) so here's photos from the small + sweet event.

theme color : blue,turquoise and white
venue : bianco, damansara perdana

wow pose mummy farah macam saya!hahaha!

bluebird with talk-to-the-hand pose!hahaha

well that's it for now :) especially for u azzahraa annuar.if u nak i ngan nadz buat party for u like this, sila cepat get pregnant! btw,u have no reason for not making babies right now! ;P we miss u!! ♥ ♥

oh!it's dzu + khairil's wedding today.congrats dzu dzu! selamat pengantin baru ;) i hope u'll have a tripfantastic wedding :) and as for me, tomorrow..i is working.and is kinda getting to my nerve lately because i will be changing department soon.tsk T__T malangnya nasib.berjimba2 di bali,rupanya ada udang di sebalik megi :( so let what come may tomorrow.yang penting,for now..i am bliss and happy ♥ have a nice weekends peeps! much love xx

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