Wednesday, February 03, 2010

selamat siang :) salam from bali day had been amazing stay here.we've went to ubud and sukawati for shopping,kintamani for sightseeing,kuta for amazing beach, legian and seminyak for another successful shopping trip ;o) and we also had amazing ayam lalapan like super sedap!! and it cost us 15.000rp!like superrrcheappp!! and today..we woke up early and catch the sunrise in sanur.sanur is famous for its pantai tenang. and it is the beach where people come and see the sunrise.

and it was realllyyy beautiful.subhanallah..another two days and we're heading back to malaysia soon.i'm gonna miss beautiful bali.everyday is like holiday here.the people are nice and the food is awesome!! oh yea,u can see loads of babi guling everywhere :P and loads of statues with tits mind u!hahahaa..oh well..i can't wait to go back to malaysia for sure.i miss people back there :P i miss u too!will update more on bali when i get back.loads and loads of pictures!omg we have like thousands of pictures!!! madnesss!! :P see u soon!much love xx

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