Wednesday, February 10, 2010

helo.selamat sore ;) its been almost a week since i just got back from bali.cepatnyaaa masa berlalu!! i still miss bali.macam i miss kamu hari hari :B

so let me start with my journal on bali :) well,me and chunkie decided to be in bali for a week.we booked the air tix wayyyy back last year and we got quite cheap rate!rm170 for return right!but then,be aware when choosing the tix.sebab masa kitorang pick the date and all.we didnt realized that we picked the return ticket to malaysia at 6am.morning flight sucks BIG TIME :P so i've learned from lessons :P so tix were set!all we need was a place to stay in we decided to ask for a help from nuwen's friend to find a place to stay in bali.the place must be safe,near to convinient shop and also food is a must!;p alhamdulillah..we found a guest house in sanur ( click here for more information )where it has nice comfy double beds room,with A/C,water heater,tv,and swimming pool too! we loved the place! its like our second home now ;) so our journey begins!

bali day 1
11.00am : met up nuwen at kl sentral.head to lcct
12.00pm : went for lunch and continue to lcct
1.30 pm : arrived lcct and checked in
3.45 pm : boarding to Bali
(flight was delayed)
7.00 pm : arrived at ngurah rai fetched us and headed to sanur.
8.00 pm : arrived at Jambu Inn Guest House and unpacking
8.30 pm : Mr Alan arrived and headed to Holiday Villa Diwangkara for dinner
11.00pm : head home.tired.sleep.prepare for the next exciting day 2 :)

spendings day 1
lunch on flight :
krispy kreme RM 9
nasi buhara RM 9

arrived in bali :
sim card SIMPATI RM 7
dinner RM 21
total damage : RM 46 ;)

happy gila muka dia mahu pegi bali ;P

end of day 1 :) the next day was when we started to fall in love with bali ♥ keep posted! ;) will update on day 2 soon :) much love xx

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