Friday, February 26, 2010!agak bersawang blog ni lately.i had been soooo busy lately.yes.busy main bejeweled sampai 2-3 pagi dan lambat bangun untuk ke ofis.bagus!;p oh well,work had been ok lately.but after two weeks away from my not-so-small cubicle.i was soo stucked up with workloads.loads of things need to be done because i'm changing sections soon.sob.sob.i dun wanna change sections!because my new boss will be a guy,kinda pervert and likes to talk d****.seriously.every single words mesti nak selit unsur2 tidak sihat.pfft! but i've decided to be know me,if i'm garang i will be hated.but i'm not gonna be 'always' garang.dah macam menopause plak kang! :P

so! i will change section to OPERATIONAL section starting next week! (>__<) so sad!for the past 5months in development section,i will now hafta take care of the system's statistics and be the database administrator.let me brief on this,operational section is the section where we make sure that everything is operating (doh!who doesnt know that!:P) well i mean..we make sure that the server's running so that the system's working 24/7.and then in order to get all the softwares and hardwares updated and tip top, we need to get all the latest designs,softwares meaning,we need to find good vendors,good stuffs and great price a.k.a making tenders.woahh when it comes to involves like shitty 18mils and thousands and thousands of kaching! and that,my friend! is damn scary to me! kalau ape2 jadi,kita kena tanggung babe! and also,we need to make sure that the computers,printers watsoever in the office are functioning and always in a good condition.viruses free,anti viruses updated! licenses for softwares : microsoft,oracle,lotus dominos etc.ya Allah banyak gila kann?? so i could imagine myself being superrr busy soon! :(

however,i have great news too! well lets say it's a curse in bless? sumting like that.for me its a curse lah.haha! becauseee...since i am now in the operational sections..i am no longer gonna stand in front of the punch card machine at 5pm sharp -__- " because,once i'm in this section..balik pukul 5 tajam adalah mimpi dan angan-angan kosong semata2! and although 5months serving..i hafta reverseeeeee backkkkk right from the start.and start again from scratch and ditch whatever i've learned for the past 5months! wat a waste kan?? :( so i hafta learn merangkak then baru berlari.macam lagu chris brown tu! ;P but alhamdulillah jugak,i've got a place to stay in putrajaya that's the good news :) so no more rushing home at 5pm sharp just to avoid the bad traffic in more waking up at 6am with mata terkulat2 and rushed out before 7am to beat the i can now,sleep late! yeayy!! and also i can wake up at 730!and go to work without thinking about the traffic.oh bliss! ♥

so yeah..i'm moving out this weekends.and will start staying in putrajaya soon.although its kinda sad.i'm gonna miss hanging out with nadz + bluebird.or perhaps hanging out with via,shoe,nadz and all.but hey,we always have weekends! ;P the house in putrajaya is gonna be my weekdays house :) so i will be there on mondays til thursdays.(jumaat petang wajib meroket balik ke ttdi.huh!) but still,i hafta be away from mam + dad.sedih kut!! no more pillow talking and having fight with dad :( well..lets just agree that it's part of growing up (pfft!) apepun,i will always come back on weekends! :) so don't miss me peeps! i still have loads of updates to be done.hehe.bali is ♥ belum abes lagi :P so ok.i'm gonna do some packings now.have a nice weekends!! much love xx

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

hellooo.bersama-sama lagi dalam rancangan.bali is love! hahahahah ok LAME :P hey ho! i am still a weee bit of bali mood!lagi2 baru lepas jumpa doktor alan.seronok!! pakcik memang lawak!;D so doktor telah membawa pulang baju starbucks yang dikehendaki dan poskad2 indah.cewahhh..perlu ke berbahasa BM macam budak darjah 3? (ketinggian mungkin ya,tapi tak perlu cakap macam budak kutt.. ;P)

sooo..bali day 4 was the best! kami ke krishna untuk shopping ; superrr cheappp!! and then kami ke kuta,legian seminyak! ini baru lah BALI babe!!! B-)

bali day 4
2.00 pm : wait for pak agung to come and fetch was our first time to meet him.he is superrrr niceeee!! and he is hindu by the way.and yet,he is cool! B-)
3.00 pm : went to krishna to shop.i bought like sooo many2!! for all my lil cutie pies! ♥
3.30 pm : headed to kuta city.bypassed sooo many beautiful shops! i ♥ kuta!
4.00 pm : stopped at seminyak to walkkkkk along the!
5.00 pm : stopped at legian to walkkkkk again.tapi best.sebab nampak mat salleh topless.auw!!;p
6.00 pm : walk along the beach and head to ayam lalapan irul for the first time!sedap gila!!!
7.00 pm : reached hotel and siap2 for dinner with alan
8.30 pm : the moon was bright that we had nice dinner on a beanbag by the sea :) watching the moon and had crochet and fries for dinner.oh and cafe latte ;)
11.30 pm : head home and crash the bed :)

haha!this is surferwax okei.jangan salah faham :P

kuta soo pretty right?and awesome many cool shops there ;) i wish i live in kuta.can drink starbucks everyday B-) another 2 days to go.and bali is love will soon be done.hope these journal could help u,heed :) u said u need bali 101 right? hehehe..have a nice weekends people! i know i did.much love xx

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold :)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

helo.selamat sore ;) its been almost a week since i just got back from bali.cepatnyaaa masa berlalu!! i still miss bali.macam i miss kamu hari hari :B

so let me start with my journal on bali :) well,me and chunkie decided to be in bali for a week.we booked the air tix wayyyy back last year and we got quite cheap rate!rm170 for return right!but then,be aware when choosing the tix.sebab masa kitorang pick the date and all.we didnt realized that we picked the return ticket to malaysia at 6am.morning flight sucks BIG TIME :P so i've learned from lessons :P so tix were set!all we need was a place to stay in we decided to ask for a help from nuwen's friend to find a place to stay in bali.the place must be safe,near to convinient shop and also food is a must!;p alhamdulillah..we found a guest house in sanur ( click here for more information )where it has nice comfy double beds room,with A/C,water heater,tv,and swimming pool too! we loved the place! its like our second home now ;) so our journey begins!

bali day 1
11.00am : met up nuwen at kl sentral.head to lcct
12.00pm : went for lunch and continue to lcct
1.30 pm : arrived lcct and checked in
3.45 pm : boarding to Bali
(flight was delayed)
7.00 pm : arrived at ngurah rai fetched us and headed to sanur.
8.00 pm : arrived at Jambu Inn Guest House and unpacking
8.30 pm : Mr Alan arrived and headed to Holiday Villa Diwangkara for dinner
11.00pm : head home.tired.sleep.prepare for the next exciting day 2 :)

spendings day 1
lunch on flight :
krispy kreme RM 9
nasi buhara RM 9

arrived in bali :
sim card SIMPATI RM 7
dinner RM 21
total damage : RM 46 ;)

happy gila muka dia mahu pegi bali ;P

end of day 1 :) the next day was when we started to fall in love with bali ♥ keep posted! ;) will update on day 2 soon :) much love xx

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

woww..its been two days after bali T__T i miss bali..balik2 je my big brother told me.."lama gila ko pegi!! seminggu kutt! macam pegi UK" hahahhaha! yekeee?? tak rasa pun..rasa cam sekejap pun ada.if i ada duit lagi time tu..i memang akan stay longer.for real!B-)

but takpe.i'm heading to another island soon! ;) insyaAllah this may,i'm meeting perhentian island again.hellooooo sun sea and sand! ♥ oh before i could update on my one week stay in bali.yesterday we had a small baby shower for farah :) i hope she had a great time.i did ;) so here's photos from the small + sweet event.

theme color : blue,turquoise and white
venue : bianco, damansara perdana

wow pose mummy farah macam saya!hahaha!

bluebird with talk-to-the-hand pose!hahaha

well that's it for now :) especially for u azzahraa annuar.if u nak i ngan nadz buat party for u like this, sila cepat get pregnant! btw,u have no reason for not making babies right now! ;P we miss u!! ♥ ♥

oh!it's dzu + khairil's wedding today.congrats dzu dzu! selamat pengantin baru ;) i hope u'll have a tripfantastic wedding :) and as for me, tomorrow..i is working.and is kinda getting to my nerve lately because i will be changing department soon.tsk T__T malangnya nasib.berjimba2 di bali,rupanya ada udang di sebalik megi :( so let what come may tomorrow.yang penting,for now..i am bliss and happy ♥ have a nice weekends peeps! much love xx

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