Sunday, January 17, 2010

i just finished watching my sister's's definitely a heartfelt story.i cried.of cos.and it really touched me on how a girl was borned just to be her sister's spare parts! she's the one who kept her sister the age of 5,she gave plasmas,bone marrows to her sister,and kidney too!(almost) just because her sister has leukemic disease and could not be cured.that is so cruel and yet noble.the mom is cruel.but the lil sis is noble.but who are we to play God.kalau dah ajal..mati jugak.but it was a miracle for the sister to stay alive for 5 years longer than she shud be.subhanallah.kalaulah betul kehebatan dunia perubatan.i really believe that science are truly human's greatest inventions.but then again..semua ni berbalik kepada kuasaNya yang Maha Esa :)

and as for me..i think i am my brother's keeper.its not about medicines or all the extra kidneys and bone marrows i had been contributing.i just think that i will keep him doing whatever he's doing.i don't inspire them,but i gave them support.i don't despise or condemn.but i made them think.if it's the right thing to do..or its the other way round.sometimes i just get tired of telling things but then again..the same old things will keep on repeating.same old junk.same old habit.but then again,that's what sisters and brothers are watch each others remind each other once in a while.although at times,the word of wisdom was not actually wise enough (note that i used to ask my brother to go out late and come back home sneaking.if he doesnt wanna gets into trouble.bagus punya kakak!) haha!come to think about it..they look after me too.since i'm the only girl left.i become spoilt.i will not go out unless my brother tags along.i will not go to the airport unless my brother sends me off.i will not head home from somewhere if its already 11pm unless my brother will pick me up.i will ask him to wait if i'm withdrawing money at the atm.i will not go to the clinic unless dad sends me off.i will not go to the mall unless my brother wants too.and there's toooo many to mention.but yeah...the least i can do is to be there for them.or maybe send someone to watch after them for me :)

that is mr katak trying to stand on the left but his legs are too long and that is shorty totoro with cute lil eyes!!! (taken back then in 2008)

so tadi,he asked me for another topman shirt.and i was like..."bolehhh tapi cari yang lebih menarik corak secoet je!dah seratus!" haha!i still owes him his belated birthday yeah.i guess i need to fork some money to get him what he wants since he's my keeper after all :) how about u? who's ur keeper? :) have a nice weekend!much love xx

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