Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wow!can you believe it??another 2 days to go!!i'm sooo piled up with work.i was on mc yesterday.went to see the doctor and down with fever :( and i was told that i have sad and scarry too!it been ages since the last time the doctor told me i have low redblood cells.i hope things will be ok.

soo..i hope i will be ok by friday.insyaAllah.minum air banyak2 and finish up my 4 types of medicines and 4 types of vitamins the doctor gave me ;p gerenti beres!cewahhh.. ( A is not feeling well too.kesian dia T__T )

so as's the jeng jeng jeng place i'm heading this saturday! ;)

i'm heading to sanur,bali!!! B-)

we're just gonna stay in a humble guest house called jambu inn.and it's quite cheap for its facilities and has swimming pool,hot shower,breakfast and wifi included!isn't it amazing? nuren and i are gonna spend a week here and we decided to do some travelling around bali.not some relaxing under the sun kinda thing.just exploring and put our mind elsewhere ;) work had been hectic for both i guess we needed this ;) so here's my jeng jeng jeng..hehe..ok tak?

my stuffs are not packed yet.i'm deciding between these two sling bags.the black or the brown.the brown's bigger than the i can stash everything inside.from cameras (yes cameras..because i'll be bringing two cameras.just in case :P),sunblocks to all those girly things :P (lipbalm,compact,eyeliner etc) so,thanks to azz's travelling set ( i call it travelling set because i had been bringing these fcuk and next's body gel for quite sometime now) hehe..

so i've bought shampoos,toothpaste,facial wash,yada yada yada..and i even bought the food with nuwen yesterday.we bought maggis (wajib),some twisties,chipsmore and maybe bread ;) teheee..semangat kan?? mino siap cakap "boleh tahan jugak erin ni shopping barang nak pegi bali" haha! i am huh? i mean it's gonna be tiring walking here and least we have food to give us energy!cewahhhh :B so i'm left with changing the money.and then stuffing my clothes in the huge haversack!i hope it fits for a week's junkie not so fashionable traveler like nuren and i :P so ok,wish me luck.pray me well.and hope to post u soon,from bali B-) much love xx

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