Friday, January 01, 2010

wow lamenye title!hahaha but as always new years are always celebrated.i love new makes u feel like a new book to be stories to be friends to make and new things to had been an amazing year. alhamdulillah,last year's resolutions are almost completed.insyaAllah this year will have to keep up the good achievements.some of my new year's resolution were :

so at least 4 out of 6 are done.hehe oklah tu kan? :P so this year's resolution is to be kept in the book until its the end 2010 :) oh but next year.i promise.i'm gonna go out for new year and celebrate!boring ok duduk rumah!hahahah!but i wont drive.i wanna walk je.boleh?? :P well lets see..what did i do alonggg 2009..

dey's big day :)

my bestfriend's wedding :)


new friends old friend hangouts

jason mraz's + lenka's

and last but not least..birthdays!!

that's it!:) it's been great.seriously.i am having the time of my life in job is awesome!!it's been 3 months now.all i have to do is..make sure that i've coped with things around me.i'm handling new projects bigger task..bigger responsibilities.wish me luck though.and whatever happens.i can't wait for amazing year 2010!! just seize the moment.happy fabulastic new year!!! much love xx

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