Saturday, January 23, 2010

hey ho! how was ur sabtuday?mine was far!:) i was psyched the night before.nuren told me that the Dr. from sanur had fine a place for us to stay.imagine,for a week!so we found a place that cost us rm50 per.night.but it has all the facilities we want! let me quote :

"40 meter jaraknya dari Bali Beach,20 meter dari masjid besar Al Ikhsan, 40 Meter dari Restoran KFC (halal)dan DUNKIN DONUT (halal),40 meter dari ATM CIMB NIAGA( satu-satunya Bank Malaysia yang ada di Bali) 10 meter dari MONEY CHANGER dan 10 meter dengan kedai runcit. Selamat, bersih, mempunyai taman dan lanskap yang indah, ada kolam renang, kafe, WIFI,ruang bacaan, bilik berhawa dingin dengan TV, bilik air dengan pancuran sejuk dan panas. Harga bilik standard untuk katil dua orang berhawa dingin,TV,sarapan pagi dan WIFI percuma dari pagi hingga jam 7 malam ialah Rp 250,000 bersamaan RM100 sahaja. Charge WIFI akan dikenakan sebanyak Rp25,000( menyamai RM10 sahaja) dari jam 7 malam sampai pagi."

isn't it awesome!! and the place..jeng jeng jeng..i'll show it to u soon!i am beyondddd overwhelmed!hehe.but lets keep it to myself as i will be needing to focus on my work for a week and i am off!B-) it's just a small humble guesthouse as we are looking for a cheap place to stay for a i slept at 230am!! just to list out all the things to do,places to go and keeping track of our budgets too :) its gonna be just the two of us and oh how we wish that paul will be with us :( oh!he did call me on last monday!and on friday too!twice!haha.i was shockedd!! its been ages! we talked for almost an hour until his calling card go kaput!:P i really miss him..i guess he misses 'us' too.(yes,me and nuren yee..hehe) so yeah..he was telling me about school.marathons (he ran for 5kms everyday for his upcoming marathon event.gila!) and he wished that he's back travelling with us.aweee...

so,to get things in place.i did some shopping today.beside losing rm50 a day before (ntah mana tercicir ntah) i decided to splurged quadraple the price today.bwahahahah!geram siot!so had lunch with ash at kenny's and had caramel frap for desserts.yum2

i owed lil bro his birthday treat anyways.and topman shirt.pfft!demand!

so i was hunting up and down the mall (ou is my sanctuary!bwahahahah!) and saw few sandals.and decided to buy these two :) (sepesen je kan?haha shadap.biarkan je erin melepas geram :P)

satu is for the trip.the other is for my daily use.kesian pegi office asyik pakai kasut.kaki tak bernafas kut :P kesian jugak my GAP.orang kutuk dia sebab macam sliper toilet.pfftt! (kee..memang slipper toilet eh?teehee :D )

so now mr Gap doesnt hafta to be use i am left with maybe shop for another new shirt.and then all the toiletries, some maggi in cup perhaps,bandages/plasters,medications just in case,sunplay 130 spf super block,maybe some breads,chocolates,and i need a camera!! ok,i need ur opinion.

do i need to buy a new compact camera (maybe lumix) since my olympus is a bit old d.and the battery's easily out.we're talking about all day long picture snapping here :D and i may not be bringing mr. dslr because big bro's gonna need it for his photo shoot classes and his upcoming,do i hafta buy a new compact camera or i just use my olympus and buy new batteries instead?which one should i do,eh? do lemme know,aite? :)

will update of the jeng jeng jeng place soon! teeehee!! nuwen,sankyuuuu!! i will make our trip superfun ok! ;) so peeps.have a nice weekend!much love xx

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