Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wow!can you believe it??another 2 days to go!!i'm sooo piled up with work.i was on mc yesterday.went to see the doctor and down with fever :( and i was told that i have sad and scarry too!it been ages since the last time the doctor told me i have low redblood cells.i hope things will be ok.

soo..i hope i will be ok by friday.insyaAllah.minum air banyak2 and finish up my 4 types of medicines and 4 types of vitamins the doctor gave me ;p gerenti beres!cewahhh.. ( A is not feeling well too.kesian dia T__T )

so as's the jeng jeng jeng place i'm heading this saturday! ;)

i'm heading to sanur,bali!!! B-)

we're just gonna stay in a humble guest house called jambu inn.and it's quite cheap for its facilities and has swimming pool,hot shower,breakfast and wifi included!isn't it amazing? nuren and i are gonna spend a week here and we decided to do some travelling around bali.not some relaxing under the sun kinda thing.just exploring and put our mind elsewhere ;) work had been hectic for both i guess we needed this ;) so here's my jeng jeng jeng..hehe..ok tak?

my stuffs are not packed yet.i'm deciding between these two sling bags.the black or the brown.the brown's bigger than the i can stash everything inside.from cameras (yes cameras..because i'll be bringing two cameras.just in case :P),sunblocks to all those girly things :P (lipbalm,compact,eyeliner etc) so,thanks to azz's travelling set ( i call it travelling set because i had been bringing these fcuk and next's body gel for quite sometime now) hehe..

so i've bought shampoos,toothpaste,facial wash,yada yada yada..and i even bought the food with nuwen yesterday.we bought maggis (wajib),some twisties,chipsmore and maybe bread ;) teheee..semangat kan?? mino siap cakap "boleh tahan jugak erin ni shopping barang nak pegi bali" haha! i am huh? i mean it's gonna be tiring walking here and least we have food to give us energy!cewahhhh :B so i'm left with changing the money.and then stuffing my clothes in the huge haversack!i hope it fits for a week's junkie not so fashionable traveler like nuren and i :P so ok,wish me luck.pray me well.and hope to post u soon,from bali B-) much love xx

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

hey ho! how was ur sabtuday?mine was far!:) i was psyched the night before.nuren told me that the Dr. from sanur had fine a place for us to stay.imagine,for a week!so we found a place that cost us rm50 per.night.but it has all the facilities we want! let me quote :

"40 meter jaraknya dari Bali Beach,20 meter dari masjid besar Al Ikhsan, 40 Meter dari Restoran KFC (halal)dan DUNKIN DONUT (halal),40 meter dari ATM CIMB NIAGA( satu-satunya Bank Malaysia yang ada di Bali) 10 meter dari MONEY CHANGER dan 10 meter dengan kedai runcit. Selamat, bersih, mempunyai taman dan lanskap yang indah, ada kolam renang, kafe, WIFI,ruang bacaan, bilik berhawa dingin dengan TV, bilik air dengan pancuran sejuk dan panas. Harga bilik standard untuk katil dua orang berhawa dingin,TV,sarapan pagi dan WIFI percuma dari pagi hingga jam 7 malam ialah Rp 250,000 bersamaan RM100 sahaja. Charge WIFI akan dikenakan sebanyak Rp25,000( menyamai RM10 sahaja) dari jam 7 malam sampai pagi."

isn't it awesome!! and the place..jeng jeng jeng..i'll show it to u soon!i am beyondddd overwhelmed!hehe.but lets keep it to myself as i will be needing to focus on my work for a week and i am off!B-) it's just a small humble guesthouse as we are looking for a cheap place to stay for a i slept at 230am!! just to list out all the things to do,places to go and keeping track of our budgets too :) its gonna be just the two of us and oh how we wish that paul will be with us :( oh!he did call me on last monday!and on friday too!twice!haha.i was shockedd!! its been ages! we talked for almost an hour until his calling card go kaput!:P i really miss him..i guess he misses 'us' too.(yes,me and nuren yee..hehe) so yeah..he was telling me about school.marathons (he ran for 5kms everyday for his upcoming marathon event.gila!) and he wished that he's back travelling with us.aweee...

so,to get things in place.i did some shopping today.beside losing rm50 a day before (ntah mana tercicir ntah) i decided to splurged quadraple the price today.bwahahahah!geram siot!so had lunch with ash at kenny's and had caramel frap for desserts.yum2

i owed lil bro his birthday treat anyways.and topman shirt.pfft!demand!

so i was hunting up and down the mall (ou is my sanctuary!bwahahahah!) and saw few sandals.and decided to buy these two :) (sepesen je kan?haha shadap.biarkan je erin melepas geram :P)

satu is for the trip.the other is for my daily use.kesian pegi office asyik pakai kasut.kaki tak bernafas kut :P kesian jugak my GAP.orang kutuk dia sebab macam sliper toilet.pfftt! (kee..memang slipper toilet eh?teehee :D )

so now mr Gap doesnt hafta to be use i am left with maybe shop for another new shirt.and then all the toiletries, some maggi in cup perhaps,bandages/plasters,medications just in case,sunplay 130 spf super block,maybe some breads,chocolates,and i need a camera!! ok,i need ur opinion.

do i need to buy a new compact camera (maybe lumix) since my olympus is a bit old d.and the battery's easily out.we're talking about all day long picture snapping here :D and i may not be bringing mr. dslr because big bro's gonna need it for his photo shoot classes and his upcoming,do i hafta buy a new compact camera or i just use my olympus and buy new batteries instead?which one should i do,eh? do lemme know,aite? :)

will update of the jeng jeng jeng place soon! teeehee!! nuwen,sankyuuuu!! i will make our trip superfun ok! ;) so peeps.have a nice weekend!much love xx

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wowww these days.i am super duper lazyyyy..i have never felt this lazy before!! i havent jogged for almost two weeks now.yes i am now officially ayam pencen? eh pancit ke pencet??wth!anyways..i did go for a decent 1 hour walk with dad last saturday and shitty enough..i am damned!sangat semput.berpeluh2 and must be the food from previous weeks.sila komplen hormon saya yang sangatttt pelik sebab saya sudah tidak normal.but thank god no menstrual motherchucker like last month. (ok see!that's why i dun like this.i curse.a lot!)

so,for the past month!lets start with december : tgif a week before christmas,christmas eat jco junkie watsoever,the week after was Pizza Uno (ya Allah rasa cam nak pengsan sedap please~) then satay kajang the next day!,the next week new year's's birthday,pizza hut (pizza again!),the week after was kfc,and then nandos! (sila bunuh diri.tiap2 minggu is junkfood),then the week after..which is last week..weddings.kfc lagi.mcD.and then met pojoe and had A&W mozza burger ages tak makan wehhh..sumpah sedap!and then no jogs AGAIN!and i had chicken chop.nasi ayam kukus tak sedap and mac n cheese with beef strips with shila!so erin jangan buat2 terkejut kalau tiba2 berat ko lebih dari angka 5 dihadapan minggu ni.pfftt! and today!! i had chicken chop again!! (haihh hormon.cepatlah menjadi manusia biasa.boleh tak jangan jadi avatar..a.k.a makhluk asing)

so saya nekad.minggu ni.kena start jog 3 kali seminggu.sila jangan turun hujan pada jam 6-7pm supaya saya sempat jogging 4round di taman kesayangan.lepas pukul 7 nak hujan,hujanlah :P pastu,minggu ni jugak saya taknak makan sedap2 (penipu!tadi baru nak masuk kenny rogers gara2 teringin mac & cheese) saya nak makan simple2.ok tipu lagi.minggu niii je last!janji! saya akan start balik workout next week.sebelum ke b***.supaya saya ada tenaga nak panjat bukit gunung ganang bagai.weehooo!

so gemok2 sekalian..oklah jangan panggil camtu,tak sopan.kita tukar,gadis2 yang tak berapa kurus tak berapa besar badan sekalian,kalau nak makan.makan je..yang penting,happy.kan? (lepas tu ko lari sepuluh round.setempat pun takpe janji 10kali :P supaya sedapkan hati sebab baru lepas makan dinner..pastu blogging atas katil.bagus!)

when nothing else matter..but ur tummy is bigger!teheeee :D much love xx

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

i just finished watching my sister's's definitely a heartfelt story.i cried.of cos.and it really touched me on how a girl was borned just to be her sister's spare parts! she's the one who kept her sister the age of 5,she gave plasmas,bone marrows to her sister,and kidney too!(almost) just because her sister has leukemic disease and could not be cured.that is so cruel and yet noble.the mom is cruel.but the lil sis is noble.but who are we to play God.kalau dah ajal..mati jugak.but it was a miracle for the sister to stay alive for 5 years longer than she shud be.subhanallah.kalaulah betul kehebatan dunia perubatan.i really believe that science are truly human's greatest inventions.but then again..semua ni berbalik kepada kuasaNya yang Maha Esa :)

and as for me..i think i am my brother's keeper.its not about medicines or all the extra kidneys and bone marrows i had been contributing.i just think that i will keep him doing whatever he's doing.i don't inspire them,but i gave them support.i don't despise or condemn.but i made them think.if it's the right thing to do..or its the other way round.sometimes i just get tired of telling things but then again..the same old things will keep on repeating.same old junk.same old habit.but then again,that's what sisters and brothers are watch each others remind each other once in a while.although at times,the word of wisdom was not actually wise enough (note that i used to ask my brother to go out late and come back home sneaking.if he doesnt wanna gets into trouble.bagus punya kakak!) haha!come to think about it..they look after me too.since i'm the only girl left.i become spoilt.i will not go out unless my brother tags along.i will not go to the airport unless my brother sends me off.i will not head home from somewhere if its already 11pm unless my brother will pick me up.i will ask him to wait if i'm withdrawing money at the atm.i will not go to the clinic unless dad sends me off.i will not go to the mall unless my brother wants too.and there's toooo many to mention.but yeah...the least i can do is to be there for them.or maybe send someone to watch after them for me :)

that is mr katak trying to stand on the left but his legs are too long and that is shorty totoro with cute lil eyes!!! (taken back then in 2008)

so tadi,he asked me for another topman shirt.and i was like..."bolehhh tapi cari yang lebih menarik corak secoet je!dah seratus!" haha!i still owes him his belated birthday yeah.i guess i need to fork some money to get him what he wants since he's my keeper after all :) how about u? who's ur keeper? :) have a nice weekend!much love xx

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Friday, January 15, 2010

i superloveeeee this just makes me find the wildest things inside me!:) its not about being's about being where ur imaginations are.where things will always be ur way.and friends who'll love u and ask u to tell good things about them.isn't it what the real world should be?

dear max,
i would love to go to ur kingdom.i wanna play dirt clods and build huge round castle made of sticks.and make a small door for your secret chamber.i wanna sleep in a pile and keep myself warm with u,carol,douglas,alexander,bull,kw,
judith and ira.and i will tell good things about you :)

much love
xx erin :)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

meet casey lynch.she's one hot skinny babe and she rocked the strings babe!;P

lihat casey lynch membuat 257 hit!gempak tak?hahaha meaning no mistabbing:P oh masa ni saya telah berjaya membuat 400 notes hit.without mistakes!cewahhh!! B-)

lagu gun and roses : paradise city memang layan weh!!tapi susah betul nak main!:P

nama band saya adalah aide dan pandora :D lihat pandora berambut cool!

face off with lil brother.of cos i won! :D see the leg lahh! ;p

that is me.chilling after work.ahhhh..i miss u guitar hero! :D

p/s: did i tell u about my car window??gosh very the malu and tak pernah terjadi dalam sejarah pakcik mechanic ni!haha!will update soon!much love xx

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

this woman is crazy.but i dunno why i love her music :P

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

may Allah bless u and i hope u'll have the time of ur life \(^ 3 ^)/

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010's gonna be a good day,no? i had best lonngggg chat ever!!(sampai bangun2 tido mak kata apesal mata kamu bengkak?) hahaha..miss u babe!! aku nak gelak mengingatkan gossip hangat kita semalam dengan begitu banyak perkataan 'psycho' telah digunakan.saya rasa kita telah mengasah kembali skills mengutuk orang!hahahaha eh tak baik.gelak2 kawan aku jugak yang kita kutuk tu!:P tapi entry potongan mozaik anda sangat menarik!perhhhhh!! XD

the night before was even funnier when lela called.all the way from london!<3 her suicide attempt was rather hilarious everytime she said 'i am now looking at my balcony'.kira cam nak bagitau aa dia nak terjun balkoni.hahaha!u is my drama queen babe!i miss u!! please dun jump off..well at least,let me push u instead! hahaha! :P ok2 i kid.(no wonder i put ur picture on twitpic!u missed me too!!:) ) but i hope u are here.where i can just dash to ur house and be there for u :( soo..please balik cepat :D

i miss u two!but i know u both will always be there for me :) so i wish u both well and happy amazing 2010! much love xx

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Monday, January 04, 2010

can u believe it?its already 2010!so many agendas are planned and i have sooo many things going on in my head right now.i'm meeting my besties from upm on the 10.10.2010! and my dear nadz is going to deliver her baby soon!and so is dey!! woww!! i'm hearing pops every where!! :P my new year started well.

first day of new year,we had a simple doa selamat for the family.just for blessings and being thankful for whatever God's gifts.all the families and close friends came and it was just a simple ceremony and alhamdulillah..everything went well.thank you for those who came :)

we hope that by starting the new year with good means..may Allah bless the rest of the year for us.amin.have a great year ahead.two oh ten babyyy!! lets rock it! <3 much love xx

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Friday, January 01, 2010

wow lamenye title!hahaha but as always new years are always celebrated.i love new makes u feel like a new book to be stories to be friends to make and new things to had been an amazing year. alhamdulillah,last year's resolutions are almost completed.insyaAllah this year will have to keep up the good achievements.some of my new year's resolution were :

so at least 4 out of 6 are done.hehe oklah tu kan? :P so this year's resolution is to be kept in the book until its the end 2010 :) oh but next year.i promise.i'm gonna go out for new year and celebrate!boring ok duduk rumah!hahahah!but i wont drive.i wanna walk je.boleh?? :P well lets see..what did i do alonggg 2009..

dey's big day :)

my bestfriend's wedding :)


new friends old friend hangouts

jason mraz's + lenka's

and last but not least..birthdays!!

that's it!:) it's been great.seriously.i am having the time of my life in job is awesome!!it's been 3 months now.all i have to do is..make sure that i've coped with things around me.i'm handling new projects bigger task..bigger responsibilities.wish me luck though.and whatever happens.i can't wait for amazing year 2010!! just seize the moment.happy fabulastic new year!!! much love xx

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