Friday, December 11, 2009

went to jb for server migration.

the court was beauuutifullll :)

and had mee rebus tulang in zz

had bavarian choc.and coffee while waiting at the airport.wahh dah lama tak makan :)

back in kl.went to kopitiam for lunch..

the awesome curry mee hoon!superlove <3

and oldtown white coffee <3

then off to kuantan the next day..

the server room was sooo small..that we hafta sit on the floor.takpe..demi tugasku.cewahh! :P
so we were a bit unhappy.3hours drive and all we get was to sit on the floor?? :(
but at the end of the day.our job is done :) alhamdulillah.

thank you for keeping my brain awake <3

we had amazinggg ikan patin masak tempoyak!(saya makan dua cubit ikan yang tersangatlah sedappp!!)

saya hanya melakonkan sahaja.sebab tempoyak tak sedap:P but ikan dia sedap :)

ini daia yang rajin melayan kerenah saya.dan kami hanya berlakon je buat2 makan ikan patin ni.tapi kami try jugak lah :)

by 2.our works are all we headed back to KL.sukses!!sukses!! so we reward ourselves with this rm2.50 two scopes ice cream.sedappp!! and murah!!:)
and now i'm back and cosy in my pweeettyyy bed.i wanna sleep in u and get cosy.have a good rest people.much love xx

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