Monday, December 07, 2009

fewh!alhamdulillah.safely arrived in jb.and now is back in kl :P JB was awesome and i had a great weekend too!!friday + saturday with zull and contagious and funny.we went to rasta to see the bazaar.nothing much.just the usual thrift clothes.but kinda fun.dah lama tak pegi bazaar :) oh those days.hehe.then we went to curve.went to have lunch at ikea.we ate a lot!! meatballs 5 ketul.zull 10.acit 10.and then daim cake.semua dah macam bloated.then walked all the way to teh tarik place.lepak and minum lagi!

muka nerd gile!haha!dahlah mata cam buat2 sepet.padahal taleh bukak sebab power kuat sangat!:P budak2 busy bertwitter.apekah yang sudah terjadi kepada remaja zaman sekarang??hahaha!!

the next day.abg mal and the gang came over to the house for pool.then we went to wondermilk for dessert!inara and jacob seems to be having so much fun! inara was so happy.tina seems to like the place too :) the cuppies are definitely amazing and inara loves the tuna melt ;) jacob just can't wait to have the cupcakes!

and then off to JB at 4pm.arrived safely at 6.stayed over at my ex-roomate's house in jb.go makan2 then go jalan2 at danga bay.saw a funfair there! and saw this!!

best kan??rasa macam kat Dreamland (the one the kirsten stewart in it) i wish i could ride it.but of cos kena ada gang baru boleh lah kan? :D but it was like soooooo happwieeee! :):) and they also have this machine which blew loads of bubbles!! seriously macam dalam mimpi gitu!;)

so yeah..i am now back in kl! just arrived like 1 hour ago.i missss my bed.working!and off to pahang on thursday & friday.hope that all is well.insyaAllah.

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